December 8, 2022

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Germany appoints man responsible for bizarre affairs | The world

By appointing green politician Sven Lehmann responsible for bizarre affairs, the German ruling coalition wants to send a signal against sexual diversity and discrimination.

Upon receiving the title, Lehmann declared: “The office of the newly created Strange Affairs Officer shows how important it is for the federal government to accept diversity.” “The Germany It should be a pioneer in the fight against discrimination “, he added, adding that the fundamental rights of trans, intersex and non-binary people need to be fully implemented.

The new government’s coalition agreement, formed by Social Democrats, Greens and Liberals, states: “Against the Guerrilla phobia, we have developed a national action plan for the acceptance and protection of gender and gender diversity throughout the Ministries, and we will implement it. Appropriate funding.”

Sven Lehmann, 42, has been a member of the German parliament since 2017. In 2021 he received a direct order in Cologne, one of the centers of the LGBTQ scene. Germany. Prior to that, he was a spokesman for the Alliance 90 / Os Verdes Parliamentary Bench for Bizarre and Social Policy for three years.

Focus on LGBTIs in Afghanistan

DW, Henny Engels, President of the Lesbian and Gay Association addressed Germany (LSVD) called the new official agency “another important signal for the progress of the humorous politics promised by the government.”

He emphasized the need to focus on Lehmann’s commitment to LGPTIs [lésbicas, gays, bissexuais, transgêneros e intergêneros] It was recently included explicitly in the welcome program for Afghanistan given by Foreign Minister Annabella Barbach.

Furthermore, the German Society for Transcendence and Intersexuality (DGTI) “welcomes the appointment of Sven-Lehmann as the first curator of the German federal government”, and some changes have been initiated in this section of society in recent years. Will now be implemented positively “.

From 2018, until Germany It is also one of the few countries that officially recognizes “different” gender with “male” and “female”.

Laws insulting to trance

The main goal of the DGTI, at this time, was to replace the “transgender law” that had been in use in the country for 40 years with the “law of self-determination”, which was echoed by the Social Democrats. – Green-Liberal Alliance. Many transgender people consider the current law to be disrespectful.

It only allows you to change an official name and gender, for example, through psychological certification and court judgment, which often exposes you to very intimate questions.

The collective agreement allows “changes in the value of sex to be possible, in principle, on the basis of accurate information” in the civil register.

The DGTI seeks “legal protection in health services for all ages and non-binary persons”, as well as compensation for “gender-driven gender inequalities imposed on them by the state”.

Until the 2011 amendment to German law, transgender people had to be sterilized before they could legally apply to have their gender recognized. ”

“Relatively late” meeting

Praise for Lehmann’s appointment also came from Deputy Volcker Beck. Like the 61-year-old green politician who was a member of the Bundestag (lower house) from 1994 to 2017, some in the German parliament have been involved in recognizing gender diversity.

As he told the DW, he considers it “important to show that homosexuals and lesbians are perceived by the federal government as all other social groups.”

On the other hand, since Green made the first movements in this direction in the 1980s, the appointment of the person in charge has been “relatively late.” Peck from the EU said, “Homosexuals, lesbians and sexual minorities are seen as full citizens and citizens.”

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