March 23, 2023

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Germans arrested for ‘film crime’ in Paraguay – News

Three Germans living in Paraguay have been arrested by police since yesterday (10). The musician is suspected of killing Luthier (a musical instrument maker) and anthropologist, German and his daughter. The capital is a municipality near Asuncion.

“German nationals Volker Granas, 58, Yves Asriel Spartacus Steinmetz, 60, and Stephen Jorg Messing Darchinger, 51, have been detained as suspects,” Hugo Grans, commissioner of police investigations, told AFP.

The bodies of 62-year-old Bernard Raymond von Pradov and his daughter Lorena Lydia von Predov (14) were found in their home in Aragua, 14 kilometers from the Paraguayan capital.


Van Predo was lying on a table with a gunshot wound to the back of the head and signs of torture. Her daughter was in the bathtub and was killed by a gunshot wound to the abdomen.

The attorney in charge told reporters that the news found on a suspect’s cell phone indicated that Stradivarius violins had been stolen.

“It sounds like a movie story,” said lawyer Lorena Ledesma, who said she was surprised by the outcome of the case.

“Only those who knew the victims to commit this crime, to kill so brutally. We found a lot of evidence,” explained the representative of the Paraguayan Ministry of Public Works.

Being an anthropologist, Van Predo repaired musical instruments and was considered one of the few in Europe capable of recovering ancient objects without losing their value.

He was an expert on violins composed by the Italian Lutheran Antonio Stradivari (1644-1737).

Ledesma said she did not know how many of these tools were in the possession of the murdered Lutheran, but said the motive for the crime was to “search for a certificate of authenticity” so that the victim could keep it in his home and the thieves would need it. Sell ​​violins ..

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Four violins were captured

During a search of Volker Granas’ home, police chief Cranes told AFP that “four old violins may have been seized from the victim”, as well as 12 long rifles and four pistols. [revólveres e pistolas]”One of the weapons has the same capability as the one used in the crime.

The musical instruments are very ancient, probably the monuments of Ludhiana’s house.

A 38-caliber revolver used in the crime, among other sources, was found in the home of Stephen Jork Messing Torchinger, who also holds a Chilean passport.

“It simply came to our notice then [Bredow], The killers were looking for certificates of authenticity. They already had violins, but the certificates were missing, “the researcher explains.

A representative of the Ministry of Public Works sent the case reports to Interpol to obtain international criminal records on the suspects.