August 17, 2022

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Games implemented Quick 2022's Metroid-Heavy Final Night will become the norm

Games implemented Quick 2022’s Metroid-Heavy Final Night will become the norm

Mario and Luigi level up in Super Mario Maker 2, one of the best games in Games Done Quick 2022.

relay race in Super Mario Maker 2 Is one of the events this weekend to watch.
picture: nintendo

over the past week, Games executed quickly She held her annual sprint festival. As always, the event was fantastic and filled with some truly amazing heroics, including porous holes. by jogging infinite auraopen world campaign. But the organizers seem to have saved the best for last, with a slate already slated for tomorrow, the final night of the event.

Games Done Quick, now in its twelfth year, is a semi-annual (once in winter, once in summer) event where some of the world’s best speed runners perform super fast, often creatively run live streams through popular games. The festival also collects donations for charity; This year go to Doctors without bordersAn international humanitarian organisation.

All completed courses for this year are archived at Games Done Quick YouTube Channel. However, some promising work is still in the pipeline. Here’s the full schedule For the weekend (with times that are automatically set to your local time zone). Some are going to watch out for:

  • Linkus 7 You’ll launch into every dungeon in the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Awakewhich some say (hello) is “the best Zelda The game,” in less than three hours.
  • The metroid speed runner Kikumanchoyo will be completed Metroid dread, the last game in the series, at 1 hour and 21 minutes. (for those interested, Here’s the rundown How fear Fast runners clear the game in under 90 minutes.)
  • also in metroid Globalism, oats Will work for two and a half hours “ie%” of Kaizo Super Metroidmodified version of Super Metroid which turns the 1994 classic into what can only be described as “this fffffuuuuuuccccckkkkk”.
  • Shredberg You will complete all the challenging dark levels in Super Mate Boythis notoriously tricky side-scrolling platformer, in just over an hour.
  • But maybe the top of the marquee is a file Super Mario Maker 2 Relay race from PangaeaPanga, juzcook, CarlSagan42, Aurateur, Shoujo and TanukiDan. This is always a blast.

This is not all. To conclude, on Sunday, Games Done Quick will conclude with a pair of elden ring runs: Catalysts You will earn all “anniversaries”, or consumable items from high-ranking bosses, within 2 hours; Followed by a traditional 33 minute sprint of any % Hyp3rsomniac. She will rule. You can watch the event via Games Done Quick main site or Her channel on Twitch.

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