January 30, 2023

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Gabby Petito: Remains found in Florida belong to influencer’s boyfriend, FBI confirms | The world

This information was published by newspapers and broadcasters in the United States and ended a series of searches for laundry that had been missing for five weeks.

According to Josie Carbon, a journalist who works for the ABC affiliate in Florida, authorities went to Laundry’s family home to report the death of Fedito’s fiance. The American network CNN reports that this recognition was done by dental curves.

The FBI has found the body of Brian Laundry, the boyfriend of KP Petito

On Wednesday afternoon, Florida police said they found items belonging to Influencer’s fiance. According to the FBI, a notebook with a backpack was found in the flooded area.

Remains found during a search of Coffee Petito’s fianc in a park in Florida – Photo: Breeding

A The influencer strangled Three to four weeks before his body was found, Brent Blue, head of the Dayton County Coroner, says.

Laundry is considered an “interested person” by the police (a term used in the United States to refer a person to a suspect or investigation).

He is not charged with murder and is being investigated for using Pettito’s debit card after his death, which is considered fraud.

Brian Laundry and KP Petito – Photo: Reproduction / Social Media

Petito left his job to travel in July and posted the trip mainly on Instagram. In a video posted on YouTube, she and Laundry were seen smiling, kissing and running on the beach more than 2.3 million times.

Digital influence has not been seen since the 11th The body was found on the 19th Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Her parents went to the police because she did not answer calls or text messages for several days.

The 23-year-old laundry was last seen in the US state of Florida. According to his parents, he left the house without taking his wallet and cellphone, and they feared he would do something against her.

“Although the police allowed Mr. Laundry to be arrested, the FBI continues to investigate the facts and circumstances of Ms. Pettito’s murder,” the U.S. Federal Police said in a statement.

With the charge of debit card fraud, Laundry, who was not responsible for Petito’s death, could be arrested by any police officer if he was alive.

Without talking about where Pentito was, Laundry came home alone on the 1st and left the house a few days later saying he was going back to the Carlton reservation.

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