March 25, 2023

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Gabby Petito case: New video recorded by Utah police officer reveals Brian Laundry’s attack on youtuber; See

[ALERTA DE GATILHO] Every day, new details about the missing and the possible murder KP Petito Appear in the media. After the young woman took the video with his fiance, Brian Laundry, The body of a police officer from Moab, Utah, was recorded by a camera and aroused suspicion in early September, with new images of the same meeting released by TMZ today (1st).

This time, the video was recorded by agent Eric Pratt’s body camera and has more details and better audio than witnesses called the emergency number 911 in the United States about the public fight between Brian and KP on August 12.

In the post, YouTube explains the reason for the fight with his fiance. “I was very depressed because I tried to do a lot of work. I apologized to him. I threw a lot of stuff in our pockets. I apologize. I said, ‘I’m very depressed because I have OCD. (Obsessive-compulsive disorder) I like to organize things. But I think I said it in an average tone, but I wasn’t trying to be bad. But I think I said in a bad tone, he was so frustrated with me and locked the car and told me to breathe, but I didn’t want to breathe. Because I wanted to go, because we are out of water “, The young woman laments.

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During Petito’s account, the police officer noticed several marks on the girl’s body, especially on her face and hands. Next, Eric bluntly asks her if Brian attacked her. At first, trembling, Coffee said yes, but stepped back and said she only caught his face after she hit him first. “Did you slap him first? And only in his face?” Brad asks. “Well, he kept telling me to shut up”, Pettito responds. “But did he hit you? I mean, it’s okay to say you hit him, then I understand if he hit you, but if he really hit you we want to know the truth because you know …”, Announce Brad.

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“I think, I think [que ele me bateu], Yes, but I hit him first. “ Pettito responds. The officer asks her where Brian hit her, encouraging her to be honest. “Well, he grabbed my face, I think … he didn’t hit me in the face. He didn’t hit me in the face or anything,” KP account. “Did he slap you in the face or what?” Brett insists. “Well, he grabbed me by his nails, that’s why it seems … I’re definitely cut here. (She points to her cheek) Because I can feel it. When I play, it burns “, Says the blonde.

The policeman then consulted in an attempt to appease the teenager. “I will talk to you openly because I have a daughter your age and I see you as a victim rather than a suspect. [Uma vítima] At your age you have to deal with some emotional and mental difficulties. You’m going to work on it as you get older, but you have a lot of “anxiety” when you ‘age. “ He says. “Things you did today to contribute to this (Fight between her and Brian)It’s the result of your inability to cope with things and the stress you experience. ” Adds.

Brad continues to chat and reveals that Laundry does not want to impose charges on his then-fianc மனைவிe. “He loves herThe situation is even more shocking when the agent tells a depressed young woman that a support group for the victims of the attack will give Brian a hotel room. As previously revealed, Two Called 911 And Brian announced that he had hit Coffee in the face. However, in an initial police report released a few weeks ago, agents who responded to the call, KP and Brian, said she first slapped him and then wrote that he grabbed the young woman’s face and pushed her away.

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In the second video, police officer Pettito says he will be sent to jail if he is not taken away
Attend an online trial to face fines and assault charges against a partner. Besides, she must have been in the shared van with his fiance when he was taken to the hotel.

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Upon receiving these instructions, KP tries to talk to the police officer and asks if she and her fianc are “well” and can avoid this process and division at night because it will cause her a lot. Anxiety. However, the agent denies this option and tells her that he cannot turn a blind eye to the case. Apparently depressed, KP began to cry again and again that she and Brian were “a group” and that she did not want to be away from him. “I have a lot of worries, can we try to get a ticket? I can pay any kind of fine, anything”, he said. She cries and asks.

And according to the DMZ, another video shows two officers involved in the incident trying to determine whether they have reached a state of domestic aggression. One of the officers pointed out that only Brian could be “in danger”, but he did not think it was so. However, at the end of the conversation between the two, they concluded that the situation was not classified as domestic violence.