March 27, 2023

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G7 Putin ‘must stop the bloodshed’

The meeting of G7 leaders, which includes Germany, Canada, the United States, France, Italy, Japan and the United Kingdom, ended with a stern message against Russia. Today after the attack by the country’s army on Ukraine.

Government and state leaders have urged Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop the “bloodbath” and withdraw his troops “immediately” from Ukrainian territory. This note strengthens “full support and solidarity” with Kiev.

After the start of the Russian mobilization, there were records of explosions and attacks and movements of tanks along the Ukrainian border. There are already dead as a result of military action.

The leaders also called the invasion a “threat to international order.” Everyone is ready to operate in the global energy marketEspecially to reduce European dependence on Russian gas.

“We are closely monitoring global oil and gas market conditions,” the G7 said in a statement following a video conference to discuss the crisis triggered by the invasion.

Putin reintroduced warfare on the European continent, which puts him on the wrong side of history. This is a completely unnecessary attack on Ukraine Report from G7 leaders

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EU leaders meet with NATO Secretary General

EU leaders Ursula van der Leyen (head of the European Commission) and Charles Michel (Council of Europe) met today with Jens Stoltenberg, Secretary-General of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) military alliance. Facing the devastated Soviet Union.

In the announcements, Van der Leyen highlighted that the European Union is ready to receive all Ukrainians fleeing to member states.

“All the border countries are planning to take the refugees out of Ukraine immediately and get our full support along the humanitarian routes for the people in need. We will increase aid to Ukraine and we are fully prepared,” said Van der Leyen.

So far thousands have gone to Poland and 4,000 to Moldova.

The head of the commission spoke about the new sanctions against the Russians, which must be implemented within 24 hours, and according to Germany, “the Kremlin can not continue its operation”.

“This will be a very severe financial blockade, which will have a very severe impact on the Russian economy and will crush Russia’s growth and erode its industrial base. We will see a lot of capital leaving the country and restricting access to Moscow’s basic technologies,” he said.

Kiev says the invasion is complete

Russia’s offensive began after Putin flagged off Russia’s “special military operation” in eastern Ukraine and sent a message to those trying to intervene.

Describing the move in response to Ukrainian threats, he said it was aimed at “militarization and annihilation”.

Russia has deployed more than 150,000 troops, tanks and missiles along the Ukrainian border. Vladimir Putin’s regime – which initially denied the purpose of the invasion and accused the Americans of being “hysterical” – complains about Kiev eventually joining NATO.

To Putin, Expansion in the NATO region poses a threat to Russia’s security. Therefore, the President wants a formal announcement that Ukraine will never join the alliance.

In contrast, the United States and its allies in the West (such as the United Kingdom, France and Germany) Threatened the country with “severe sanctions” And “active response” in the event of an invasion.

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