March 27, 2023

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From the perspective of health secretaries, the 4 threats facing Brazil in the epidemic

  • Andre Biernath – @andre_biernath
  • The BBC News in Sao Paulo is from Brazil

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Although the vaccine against Covit-19 is highly advanced, one-third of the Brazilian population remains vulnerable.

The status of the Govt-19 epidemic in Europe, the emergence of new variants (such as Ômicron), the number of vulnerable citizens and the low vaccination rate in South America should serve as a warning in the coming months for Brazil.

This is an assessment made by Dr. Jurandi Frudoso, Executive Physician and Executive Secretary of the National Council of Health Secretaries, Gonas.

Master of Collective Health at the University of Brasilia and Ceará Health Secretary between 2003 and 2006, the expert reinforces the need for prudence with the corona virus, even though the situation in the country has improved over the past few months.

“Having been inactive for two years in some sectors, it is natural to be anxious to return to normal life now. But we must be careful as many yellow lights have been lit in some parts of the world recently,” he analyzes.