April 1, 2023

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French company suspends sale of round fish: “They drive fish crazy” – Epocha Negosios

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War Kirt de Clark

PARIS (Reuters) – France’s leading fisheries company has decided to stop selling round fish to fish as it drives them crazy and kills them quickly.

AgroBiothers Laboratoire, France’s leading marketer, no longer sells fish with a capacity of less than 15 liters, and only sells rectangular fish because the fish can be filtered and stored in small warehouses without oxidation. Abuse, said.

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“People buy goldfish for their young on the spur of the moment, but if they knew what torture it was, they would not do it. Circling in a small fishing net would drive the fish crazy and kill them quickly,” AgroBiothers CEO Matthieu Lambeau told Reuters.

Goldfish can live up to 30 years and grow to about 25 cm in large aquariums or outdoor ponds, but in small aquariums they often die within weeks or months.

Goldfish are a social animal that needs other fish, adequate accommodation and clean water, and minimal equipment and knowledge to keep the fishery afloat, he said.

France’s largest market for goldfish is France, with about 2.3 million fish, Lambio said.

Germany and many European countries banned fisheries a long time ago, but France has no law in this regard.

“This is a French anachronism, so we decided to take action. We can not advise all of our consumers to explain that keeping fish in the fishery is cruel. We consider it our responsibility not to give consumers that option anymore,” Lambex said.

AgroBiothers, which has a 27% share of the French pet product market, has sold over 50,000 fish a year in recent years at around 20 each.

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“Aquariums are in demand, but the truth is, we give children the opportunity to see goldfish slowly die,” he said.