March 27, 2023

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France authorizes doctors with Covit-19 disease to visit patients | The world

A France Health workers infected with the corona virus allow some or asymptomatic patients to continue treatment instead of isolating themselves, which is an unusual preventive measure.

The special exemption from France’s isolated rules enforced in hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and other essential health services confirms the increasing pressure on the French medical system from the rapid spread of the Omigron variant.

This is a calculated risk that health workers with Covid-19 have the potential to affect colleagues and patients, but one that has been taken up by the government as essential to the continued operation of essential services.

Outside the Department of Healthcare, those who do not fall under this special exemption are required to have at least five days of self-isolation for those who have been positively vaccinated against Covit-19 under French isolation rules. For those who have not been vaccinated, at least seven days of self-isolation is required.

Governments and industry have warned that isolation rules are creating staff shortages in many sectors, as the Omigron variant causes epidemics in many countries.

In some places, isolations have been reduced, including in France, to allow workers to return to their workplaces.

A nurse carries a patient with Covit-19 at a hospital in Paris, France on April 22, 2021 – Photo: Louis Jolly / AB / Archive

Symptoms are increasing that omigrans are less likely to cause serious illness. But the high number of infections sends more and more people to hospitals, putting pressure on those institutions, especially when doctors are away.

The new relaxation of self-isolation, if they open, will help close staff gaps, French hospital officials said.

“If the system is very tense and 50% of our team is positive, people with fewer symptoms will come to work because patients still need to be cared for,” said Dr. Mark Leon, head of Norde’s anesthesia unit at the hospital in Marseille. . “But we’re not in that position yet.”

The new rules were described in a warning from the Ministry of Health sent to hospitals, health centers and health officials on Sunday (2) and viewed by the “Associated Press”. Changes are applied this week.

Nurses at a hospital in Rouen, France on April 15, 2021 – Photo: Christophe Ena / AP / Archive

The ministry warns that the increase in infections in France indicates a “major risk of disruption in the distribution of care”, describes the move as “exceptional and temporary” and says it will be suspended when the system is not saturated with virus events. .

With this exception, doctors, hospital staff and people working with paramedics and victims are likely to remain on duty until they have been fully vaccinated and have no cough or sneeze, despite being tested positive for Govt.

In the Paris region, hospitals said the move could be used as a last resort if affected staff have an urgent need to help keep services open and they volunteer to work.

“If they’re tired, they have a sore throat and they want to stay indoors.

Professor Remy Solomon, chairman of the Commission for the Coordination of Hospitals in Paris, said that while staffing was “a big problem”, allowing affected staff to work was “very difficult to implement”.

“Health professionals themselves tell patients that they are afraid of the virus spreading,” he told France Info.

The Ministry of Health’s guidelines stipulate that, as far as possible, affected workers should not come into contact with unvaccinated patients or patients at risk for severe Govt-19.

The ministry said they should limit contact with colleagues as much as possible and not participate in shared activities such as eating and drinking where masks are removed.

A photo shows a health professional wearing personal protective equipment against the Covit-19 at a hospital in Marseille, southern France, on December 24. – Photo: Daniel Cole / AB

With the high number of confirmed daily virus cases in Europe, France is becoming increasingly challenged.

The average daily litigation burden in France has doubled in a week, and the country has set a record 271,686 daily viral cases on Tuesday, The Omigron variant drowns hospital staff, threatening to disrupt health services, transportation and schools.

More than 20,000 people have been hospitalized with the virus in France, which has been steadily rising for weeks, but not as severe as the infection rates.

Covit-19 patients occupy more than 72% of ICU beds in France, and the health system, once mentioned, shows signs of re-stress. Most patients with the virus in the ICUs are not vaccinated, although 77% of people receive at least two doses of Covit-19.

More than 124,000 people have died from the corona virus in France, one of the highest mortality rates in the world.

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