March 27, 2023

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Fragmenters protest against the Sanitary Pass

Thousands of people protested again on Saturday (17) in several French cities against the health passport and the duty to vaccinate health professionals imposed by the French government. A vaccination center in the south of the country was destroyed.

Health Passport will be mandatory from July 21 with more than 50 recreational and cultural venues such as museums and concerts. Beginning in August, the document will be required in cafes, bars, restaurants, trains, planes, intermittent buses, shopping malls, rest homes and medical institutions.

Protests against the move were organized in some French cities on Saturday.

In Paris, protesters gathered near the Louvre Museum. Among them, representatives of the far-right parties and the yellow dress movement. “I was born in Portugal, during the Salazar dictatorship, and I did not want to renew it,” said Fernanda, 53. “We are not all anti-vaccine, we want everyone to have the freedom to choose,” said Aurelie and Define, staff at a shopping center on the outskirts of Paris.

In the east of the country, police used tear gas to disperse protesters in the Mets, where 2,000 people protested. In Reims, protesters shouted “Freedom!” And “not for a health passport”. Protesters also called for the resignation of President Emmanuel Macron. The cycle was interrupted in the city center.

In western France, other demonstrations took place in La Rochelle and Limoges. In the north of Lille, protesters made references to World War II. An opponent wearing the Star of David explained, “This is not a reference to Showa, it is anti-Semitism. In fact, it is not yellow, but blue.” Other protesters compared the government’s health policy to the “IV Reich”.

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In Zambezi, near the Swiss border in the southeast, protesters condemned the organized “dictatorship” by imposing new restrictions on them, mainly in restaurants, cafes and museums, demanding a health passport.

In southern Toulouse, at least 4,000 protesters, including members of the yellow-clad movement, took to the streets of the city to protest the health pass. Some protesters have denounced what they see as “health racism.”

Attack on the vaccination center

A Govt-19 vaccination center with 2,664 people in Lance-en-Vergors in the Izre field near the Italian border was destroyed and destroyed on Friday night (16). The tourist office building in the neighboring town of Willard-de-Lance, with a population of 4,239, was also sprayed with anti-vaccine slogans.

Michael Kramer, mayor of Lance-en-Vergors, says the “hateful, horrific acts” against vaccines.

The vaccination center was set up in the party room of the city, located in a mountainous and tourist area of ​​France, and is due to start using the first doses this Saturday.

Those responsible for the attack opened the building’s fire system, which was completely submerged. In addition, the walls were sprayed with anti-vaccine slogans, and some used the Lorraine cross, associated with the letter V, the patriotic symbol used by protesters during World War II. Destroyed by syringes and cloth stored at the site for vaccination.

“Our children, the people of this municipality, are going to pay the bill for this nonsense. Those who did this are confusing everything,” said the mayor of Lance-en-Vergors. “Our budget is already tight. This room, which is now used by local associations, is completely unusable.”

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A sentiment shared by Fabrice Millsreck, director of the Willard-de-Lance Tourism Office. On the facade of the building, there was a recently updated graffiti with phrases such as “Think about your children”, “Genocide vaccine” or “RNA risk”. This site will be used in support of the vaccine.

Police are investigating the attack.