November 27, 2022

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Four games in one day at World Cup test Qatar’s logistics – Money Times

Later, Denmark face Tunisia, Mexico face Poland and France open against Australia (Image: REUTERS/Peter Cziborra)

New road and transport system Qatar This Tuesday, four matches will be tested World Cup It will be held in and around the capital city of Doha.

Doha, which is expected to draw 1.2 million viewers during the month-long tournament, will allow fans to watch more than one match in a day, traditionally a first for a multi-city World Cup.

In the early hours of the morning, groups of Saudi and Argentinian fans rode metro trains north to the 80,000-capacity Lusail Stadium to sing. Argentina to play against Saudi Arabia.

Hamdi Mohammad Abbas, a 29-year-old Iraqi fan, said, “We left early to reach the supporters’ area in time to enjoy the weather for the match between Saudi Arabia and Argentina.

Then, face Denmark Tunisiaoh Mexico to face Poland And this France Pre-introduction Australia🇧🇷

The matches are played in stadiums of between 40,000 and 80,000 people, starting next to Luzail Station, the northern part of Doha Metro, and continuing south for 5 km at Al Janoob Stadium. By bus from the southern terminus of the metro at Al Wakrah.

Berthold Trenkel, director of operations for Qatar Tourism, told Reuters last week that the country has a state-of-the-art metro and many buses will be available.

“All residents are advised to use their personal transport to get to the stadiums so that you are evenly split between 1/3 metro, 1/3 bus, 1/3 car,” he said.

“The numbers are not huge, so I think things will be smooth. You have to tell people that you can’t come 20 minutes before the match starts, you have to plan 2-3 hours in advance, you have to be a little patient.

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Qatar is the first country in the Middle East and the smallest country to host the World Cup. It has spent billions of dollars on infrastructure, but has never hosted an event of this scale – unusual for a World Cup, held in or around a city.

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