October 5, 2022

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Forrest Damon Deacons QP Sam Hartmann Wakes Abroad Indefinitely Due To A Non-Football Related Medical Condition

Forrest Damon Deacons QP Sam Hartmann Wakes Abroad Indefinitely Due To A Non-Football Related Medical Condition

Wake Forest will be without starting midfielder Sam Hartman The school announced Wednesday, “For an extended period of time” due to a non-football related issue.

After training on Tuesday, Hartmann sought medical attention for a condition unrelated to football, according to the school. Details of the case have been withheld due to privacy restrictions. The medical staff conducted tests on Hartmann and decided that he should be banned from competition indefinitely.

“Tuesday was a frustrating day, but I am so grateful to our medical staff and to Dr. Chris Miles and Nils Fleet for staying with me throughout this process,” Hartmann said in a statement released by the school. “I am looking forward to attacking this rehabilitation process and I appreciate the support I have received from my family, teammates and coaches.”

A three-year rookie, Hartmann led Wake to the ACC Atlantic Division title last season and won the Gator Bowl over the Rutgers, throwing for 4,228 yards and forming 50 total touchdowns.

Hartmann started as a freshman for Wake in 2018 before picking up an injury late in the season. Jimmy Newman then took charge and held the position for most of 2019. Hartmann reclaimed the first job in 2020 and has formed 65 touchdowns in 23 games since then.

“Sam Hartman is the true embodiment of a leader and one of the best guys I’ve had the pleasure of coaching,” said coach Dave Clawson. “Sam has been very focused on improving his teammates’ performance throughout the entire holiday period and helping our program continue to achieve great things on the field. Plus, he is an incredible person in the community and in the classroom. We look forward to getting Sam back on the field as soon as possible. In the meantime, Sam and his family can enjoy the full support of our coaching staff and the program in his recovery.”

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With Hartmann, a fourth-year student Michael Kern The quarterback is expected to take over. Kern appeared in just three games last season, completing 2 of 5 passes for 67 yards.

Hartmann has another year left of eligibility, and while he has repeatedly said he is unlikely to return for 2023, he has left the door open should unforeseen circumstances arise.

“My sight is set,” Hartmann said in July. “To be concerned about that now, what’s the point? That might be the best option…but I’m excited to have it ready for the next chapter and really likable this year.”