January 30, 2023

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Former Police Officer Eric Adams Elected Mayor of New York | The world

Eric Adams, became a cop to fight You experienced racism when you were a juvenile offender, Was elected the new mayor of New York this Tuesday (2), the Associated Press poll released just minutes after the election.

Adams, who was delighted after voting in his hometown of Brooklyn, said he thought the election was once again a match for those “boys” and New Yorkers from poor families who flirted with crime and social exclusion.

“We have already won,” he told the press as he wiped away his tears with a photo of his mother:Since I am here, ordinary New Yorkers will also understand that they deserve to be in this city.“, Said the candidate.

Adams, the son of a poor Brooklyn family member who is a Democrat, will succeed Democrat Bill de Blasio on January 1st.

New York’s new mayor Eric Adams holds a photo of his mother on polling day – Photo: Reuters / Andrew Kelly

Despite being able to pull the city of more than eight million people out of the chaos that has engulfed the corona virus epidemic, de Blasio remains in the worst state of its celebrity.

The mayor of New York, who manages the $ 98.7 billion budget for fiscal 2021-2022, is said to be the second toughest office in the country since becoming president.

Adams, 61, became the second black mayor to rule the economic and cultural capital of the United States after David Dinkins (1990-93), defeating Republican rival Curtis Sliva, 67.

In the last days of the campaign, which focused on insecurity, the mayor had two televised debates with his Republican rival.

Sliva scolded Adams for not meeting with police unions, where there is more opposition with firefighters, Mandatory Govt-19 immunization among government employees, And for choosing to meet with former New York gang leaders to speak out against the crime.

That is despite the promise of former police officers to fight skyrocketing crime in 2020 before it falls again this year. Eric Adams shows himself to be a determined leader and champion of the middle and popular classes.

Coming from the traditional faction of the Democratic Party, he declares himself to be a friend of the New York merchants.

Like his predecessors, this vegetarian will command the country’s largest police force, the NYPD, with 36,000 employees, promising that its reform will continue.

At the age of 15, when he was a juvenile offender and assaulted by police, the mayoral candidate promised himself that he would do everything he could to “change the system from the inside out”.

In the 1980s, he became a police officer during the intense violence in New York, and became a captain in the army 22 years later. In 1995, he founded a union against racism.

In a city that has paid so much for the epidemic, the future mayor will have to manage the return to normalcy of schools, offices and shops, as well as combat social inequalities in the bourgeoisie and reform infrastructure and deal with climate risks.

After leaving the police force in 2006, he became New York State Senator and later President of Brooklyn, a stepping stone to New York City Hall.

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