June 28, 2022

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Former McDonald’s stores in Russia will reopen on Sunday under the new branding; See the new logo | Economy

Sunday marks a new era for fast food lovers RussiaFrom old stores McDonald’s The arrival of the Western Network in the country will reopen more than three decades under the new administration.

The restart will be in motion RussiaA patriotic holiday celebrating the independence of the country, in the same iconic place as Pushkin Square in Moscow. McDonald’s Opened the first shop RussiaIn January 1990.

People line up at a McDonald’s restaurant during a ‘farewell’ in St. Petersburg, Russia, on March 14, 2022, when chain stores across the country close.

Oh McDonald’s Announced the sale of its stores last month Russia To Alexander Gower, one of the local owners. The deal marked one of the business outings Russia The war against Ukraine on February 24 is the most important since the country began.

Iconic gold arches McDonald’s Removed from stores in Moscow and St. Petersburg and places will get the new logo with fries and hamburger on a green background. The reopening will take place in 15 locations in and around Moscow.

The name of the new network is a highly protected secret. Change in the name of the application McDonald’s ‘My Burger’ generated some excitement online on Friday, but the network’s press team said it was temporary, the RBC Daily reported.

Gower said the new brand plans to expand to 1,000 stores nationwide and reopen all outlets within two months.

“Opening day is important because consumers first feel, touch and see the brand and what it stands for,” he said. “What matters is what the reaction will be, obviously people will compare it McDonald’s. “

Oh McDonald’s It owns 84% ​​of the network’s nearly 850 stores Russia It also lost up to $ 1.4 billion after deciding to leave the country and sell assets to Govor, whose Russian firm GiD already manages 25 companies.

Last year, the McDonald’s It earned about 9% or $ 2 billion of its revenue Russia And in Ukraine. Oh McDonald’s Has the right to repurchase stores within Russia Within 15 years. Many terms for sale to Govt are still hidden.

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