November 27, 2022

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For restructuring, teachers threaten strike – citads

Academics want to push for a restructuring deal, which won’t be passed by the capital’s city hall

In a meeting held at ACPMS, the teachers unanimously decided to suspend work on Friday (25). (Photo: Disclosure/ACP)

After a meeting at the ACP (Sindicato Campograndense dos Professors da Education The public and the teachers have unanimously decided to suspend the activities next Friday (25). Teachers have threatened to go on strike.

On the 25th, leaving the students without classes, at 2 pm, the educators will hold a meeting and decide whether to go on strike or not.

The decision was made after the Campo Grande City Hall confirmed on Wednesday (23) that the 10.39% restructuring of teachers’ salaries provided by law for the month of December will not be granted, but guaranteed that it is in dialogue with the category. .

Accordingly, during the meeting held at the ACP on Wednesday (23) night, most of those present understood this as a ploy to win. Time Thus ends the school year. As a result, polling in ACP was unanimously stopped at 7:30 am on November 25.

Conversation – After meeting with Mayor Adrien Lopes (Patriota) this morning, the president of the ACP, Lucileo Nobre, said that the mayor informed him that the payment was impossible, but he proposed a dialogue with the category.

City Secretary in this EducationLucas Bitencourt said he wanted to continue the dialogue “as a way to comply with the law”. According to him, the document will be presented to the union today, making the discussion official and there should be another meeting.

“The official answer is that we have to comply with the law and therefore, we are proposing a second meeting. We have a hurdle, the law prohibits us from paying this 10.39% and we are discussing legal remedies.

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Asked if there was a possibility of a staggered refinance already provided by law, the secretary did not elaborate on what he was thinking of City Hall or a timeline for negotiations.

“We are thinking about different ideas. We will not achieve success without asking the category. We will present this letter to the union, which will be delivered this afternoon, and we have our proposal to discuss it”, Biddencourt said.

Adjustment – City Hall will not offer a 10.39% revision in public employee salaries referring to November paid in December. According to federal law, professors receive a certain percentage of the national base of R$ 3,845.63, depending on the employee’s classification. In the capital, around 8,000 teachers are affiliated with Reme (Municipal Teaching Network).

Law 6,796, approved by the then mayor in March 2022, exempts the municipal corporation from wages if it represents an expansion of the wage range. In the same decree, a staggered increase in restructuring was allowed.

The text states that, “indicating an increase in costs”, the restructurings “must observe the limits of costs with personnel established in Complementary Law 101 of May 4, 2000”. In addition, “expenditures resulting from the execution of this law shall be borne by budgetary resources”.