March 27, 2023

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Five killed in Colombia nightclub attack, officials blame FARC disagreement

BOGOTA – Five of 11 people were injured in an attack on a discotheque in southwestern Colombia this Sunday, allegedly carried out by dissidents of Colombia’s revolutionary armed forces, the FARC.

According to the military, in the town of Tumago in the Narino district, gunmen “arrived at the establishment in a vehicle and opened fire indiscriminately.”

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The military says the operation was carried out by a FARC dissident known as the Urias Renton column, and local officials say clashes in the area have intensified in recent months – with the mayor of the city, Maria Emilson Anglo, condemning the provocation of armed men as “chaos, panic and unrest for civilians”. On Twitter, Narino Governor John Rojas said, “The situation of illegal groups exceeds their capacity. [de ação] Of officers in Narino “

Tumago, located near the border with Ecuador and Colombia’s second largest port in the Pacific, has the second largest area under coca cultivation in the country at 9,800 hectares, and is being targeted by several armed groups, including some FARC conflicts. verliver Sinisterra Front and Contadores.

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Colombia has been facing the biggest wave of violence against armed groups since the signing of the peace agreement with the FARC in 2016, which has officially crippled the company. However, with leaders who disagreed with the agreement, disagreement among the militants erupted around Colombia, which in many cases combined with drug trafficking, promoting dozens of violent attacks across the country.

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The government of conservative Evan Duke blames groups that finance drug trafficking and illegal mining for the killings. According to experts, some failures in the implementation of the contract allowed the former castles of FARC to be occupied by other actors and maintain conflict.

The National Liberation Army (ELN), the last recognized guerrilla, is present in hundreds of municipalities and continues to be blamed for attacks on law enforcement and civilians.