March 21, 2023

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Firefighter finds dead daughter in UK car crash | The world


Adrian Smith was found dead when his daughter was called to help in a car accident

One after being called to help Car accident
Wales no, not last Sunday (13), or Firefighter
Adrian Smith – 47 years old – had a surprise: he saw his daughter lying dead in the rubble of the place. Information from the newspaper Daily Mail.

A woman named Ella Smith had spent the day at Brad Haven Beach in Pembrokeshire, and her boyfriend was taking her home at the time of the accident. Oh Car
In this pair, a Ford Ka overturned while making a curve and collided with another vehicle on the opposite side.

“It must have been an absolute nightmare to find out that Adrian was his own daughter,” said a family friend.

Adrian was on fire duty Accident
Between three vehicles on B4341 road. When he arrived, he found the car and his daughter crushed in the rubble.

As stated in it Police
Not all accidents are avoided. The other three people in the car survived with serious injuries.

Local police confirmed Accident
. A note said, “Unfortunately, a woman from White Ford died at the scene. Close relatives are aware and are being supported by special officers. Two men and a woman were taken to hospital with serious injuries.”

In a statement, the family all said, “We are completely devastated by the loss of our beloved Ela. She is a very loving and caring daughter, sister and granddaughter. She is a beautiful woman. We will all miss her. This is a terrible time to thank everyone for their support. We mourn our Ela so much for the whole family.” Matched. “

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