March 27, 2023

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Fiocruz Brazil | National newspaper

A Fiocross Released, this Thursday (23), a reserve Govt International Distribution In 2021, com Critique of Data Darkness Disease in Brazil.

More than 600,000 died; More than 22 million people are infected with the corona virus. Bulletin of Govt-19 Observatory Gives Fiocross Examined this situation. You The researchers pointed out the main problems of the second year of the epidemic.

Misinformation, vulnerability of data systems and politicization of Govt counter measures: This is how the year 2021 ends. Added to these challenges are the emergence of new variants, uncertainty in decision making to fight Govt, denial and attack on vaccines.

According to the bulletin Fiocross, Which is the most worrying thing 2022 begins with the same problems that indicate the lack of guidelines for epidemic control, Mainly data obscurity, which obscures science and health.

Coordinator of the Govt-19 Monitoring Center Fiocross, Carlos Machado says the weakness of the federal government’s information infrastructure is unacceptable.

“We’ve been traveling in the dark for about two weeks now, and information about an epidemic – cases, hospitalizations, vaccinations – is basic. And when there are more people in circulation on the go, it can lead to bad results, ”he says.

A Vaccine for children against Govt-19, Is considered the basis for researchers, and was highlighted in the bulletin.

About 30% of the population are children. This is a very important group that needs to be vaccinated. Therefore, protecting the health of all means protecting the health of children. Foolish attacks, attacks on science, attacks on Anvisa, attacks on decisions that protect people’s health cannot continue. We need faith in health, in science, in the practices that are being pursued, because that is what saved lives, not the other way around, ”said Carlos Machado.

The Ministry of Health He said he had made no effort in the Govt’s efforts to combat the epidemic, which had launched the largest vaccination campaign in the country’s history, reducing the number of cases by more than 54%.