April 1, 2023

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Finding a woman sleeping next to a corpse for two months, the story ends with a scary ending; Understand

Halloween is coming, but this is a very real story! The woman, Reagan Bailey, said she had been “sleeping” near a dead body for at least two months. like this?! While Bailey was living alone in Los Angeles, she began to notice a strange odor that made her unwell. After a while, she discovered the “problem” …

According to reports in The Mirror on Saturday (16), the woman shared the story through a publication on Dictok and quickly went viral, garnering more than 8.4 million views. “I had a headache, I didn’t sleep through the night, I had a lot of nausea. Honestly, we’ve all been through this. Like everyone else, I was lonely and a little crazy in isolation.” Explained.

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Reagan said she had never had insomnia, but that the cause of the condition was depression caused by the Govt-19 infection and that she was “sad and depressed.” However, in addition to the comfort charcoal, she began to notice an increase in the number of insects and spiders appearing in her apartment, which prompted her to call the property owner.

“Honestly, my best explanation for that smell was a dead fish, so I thought a bird might have caught a fish, but it’s in vain, because there are no lakes near the house. I started to wonder if the house dog next door was dead or something had happened. But the owner said he could not disturb other residents, he said. What a situation!

Reagan noticed the stench in his apartment last year. (Photo: Breeding / Dictoc)

As the owner’s denial and stench intensified, the young woman called her boyfriend for a second comment because she felt something was wrong. The problem was that the young man also began to feel nauseous and had difficulty falling asleep due to the strong odor. That’s when she decided to call the police. “I consulted the police. After 48 hours, they told me I could call them back if the owner did not resolve it. That’s when things went crazy. I felt like I was on a mission because no one asked me.”, He expelled. Check:

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“The owner apologized to me for harassing my neighbor and they warned me that I could not disturb the people in the building.“At this point, he said, there was some” commotion “in Los Angeles after George Floyd’s death, so Reagan said he understood police were busy and that their complaint about spiders and bad odors was” less of a concern. “

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She continued to insist and persuade the property owner to send a maintenance worker to the place, but the man could not even climb the stairs because of the smell. WL! “He went upstairs and started throwing. He took off his mask and said, ‘I’ll get the master key, someone is dead.’ I immediately started to get scared because for the first time in weeks I was not going crazy.”, Remembered.

But the man did not return, and the woman decided to call the authorities again, and this time, went to the building to inquire about the apartment next door. That’s when things got serious … According to her, when the police opened the door, there was a corpse, they could see a ridiculous insect coming out of the place and many officers started vomiting. “To summarize a long story, they said it was the worst mutilated body they had ever seen and that they had seen so many bodies like this. I will not go into details, but it is practically a skeleton.”, he said. My God!

Reagan Bailey went to the professionals and explained that the symptoms she and her boyfriend experienced were due to the release of toxic fumes and gases from the decomposed body. See:

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