July 2, 2022

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Find out what’s behind Google’s artificial intelligence controversy

This week,’s engineer Google Blake Lemoin told the Washington Post that a tool developed by the company has created conscious stimuli. So the Language Model for Conversational Applications (LaMDA) was talking like a man.

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This spread rapidly on social websites and led to various conspiracies. Many believed there was indeed a threat, and even the popular media created alarm about what had happened, increasing the interest of those interested in AI.

By some glance, the Google engineer seems to have exaggerated the facts

Videos and audios of artificial intelligence communicating with the employee made the case even more suspicious. Although the contents were genuine, there was apparently a lack of sensitivity on his part, creating misleading interpretations that the threat was dangerous.

The complexity of this level machine can be easily explained by the patterns used in its lines. Words and behaviors are retrieved from the online database, and all your actions are 100% predictable, ensuring everyone’s security.

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