June 29, 2022

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'Find My' on AirPods is wreaking havoc at retailers and refurbishers

‘Find My’ on AirPods is wreaking havoc at retailers and refurbishers

Apple’s efforts to integrate AirPods into the Find My network have proven problematic for retailers and device refurbishers. according to recent report from from the insideAnd A refurbisher working with Walmart and other retailers was forced to ‘stock more than 30,000 affected AirPods over just a few weeks’ due to this issue…

The report states that the barrier stems from the Find My app, and it could be related The latest launch for deeper integration with AirPods With the Find My network. Basically, when a customer returns or trades in a pair of AirPods, they fail to unlink their AirPods from their Apple ID.

This means that when the refurbished AirPods are tested, or even when the next purchase of AirPods receives them, they see a message about “AirPods mismatch” from the Find My app.

Your AirPods are associated with a different Apple ID, possibly due to one earbud being mixed with someone else’s AirPods. Find out how to solve this problem by going to the online article.

The message that pops up from Find My app is related to this Apple Support document, which gives vague information about trying to “restore an AirPod” or “replace a lost AirPod”.

goTRG, the aforementioned company that handles returns for Walmart and other retailers, says this issue affects “about eight out of every 10 AirPods that come through the company’s six facilities.” Another company that sells refurbished AirPods on sites like Amazon, R2Cell, has been forced to stop selling refurbished AirPods completely due to the issue.

R2Cell, which sells refurbished electronics on Amazon, eBay and other sites, has stopped refurbishing and selling AirPods entirely after experiencing the problem in December, according to CEO Sunny Muhammad. He said it was really hard to refurbish the AirPods, because they have many small parts that are easy to damage.

The renovators reportedly contacted Apple but received no response. The problem can eventually be resolved by the original owner of the AirPods unlinking the product from their Apple ID before selling it. Additionally, if the AirPods have not yet been reset to factory settings, the buyer will see a pop-up saying “The owner of this item will be able to see its location” from the Find My app.

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full report from from the inside Worth reading It can be found here. It’s a pretty cool issue that only recently seems to have started to affect AirPods, and it’s causing a huge headache for retailers and refurbishers.

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