March 25, 2023

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Fighting between “monkey gangs” for traffic in Thailand and going viral on the internet

The unusual sight of passers-by on a street in Thailand last weekend attracted attention. Two “monkey gangs” met in the middle of an intersection and attacked each other, stopping traffic in the area.

Images of this mess have gone viral on social media. One of the posts created by Wisdom Suwanbag already collects over 215,000 views. According to locals, the reason for the fight was about territory and food.

According to the Metro newspaper, one of the groups of monkeys usually roams the grounds of an ancient Buddhist temple and is usually fed by tourists. The other group is closer to the city’s cinema and wanted to occupy another area, which created a sense of separation between the ‘gangs’.

According to government veterinarian Subcorn Keywatch, “monkeys are used for feeding by tourists.” However, due to the epidemic and the lack of travel, “they become more aggressive and fight for survival food”.

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