April 1, 2023

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Fertility Clinic Mistakes and Mothers Give Birth – International

Another baby was born to Daphna and Alexander Cardinal couple due to the fault of a hospital that specializes in in vitro fertilization. (Photo: Copy / BBC)

Imagine giving birth to a baby of your own. This is what happened to two couples in the United States.

After genetic testing, one of the couples found a hospital that specializes in fertility.

In laboratory testing mode

In Los Angeles (USA), where they were being processed, he made a mistake and transferred his fertilized eggs to another family’s eggs. Tabna and Alexander Cardinal filed a complaint against the clinic this Monday (11/08). “We lost a whole year of our daughter’s life,” Daphna Cardinal justified in an interview with the American Communications Network NBC.

The couple told newspapers that they had felt the differences since birth. The baby was born in September 2019, and they noticed that the little girl had darker skin and hair than the rest of the family.

Once they found the bug, the cardinals contacted the other couple and decided to regain custody of their biological children. The U.S. approved the justice transaction. “When the truth came out, changing children was even more painful. Losing a child you know is a dream for a child you don’t know,” Alexander told NBC.

Families were shocked by this mistake as they not only lost moments with their biological children, but also stuck with the children they were raising. “Instead of breastfeeding my daughter, I breastfed a baby and then I was forced to give up,” she said.

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