January 30, 2023

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Fear! The teacher found the toy lurking in the new house and had a scary note!

Here is a story that shakes the last strand of hair! Last Friday, Jonathan Lewis, a 32-year-old British teacher, moved to his new home in Walton, Liverpool, and excitedly decided to look around every corner of his new home. That’s when he discovered something terrible that would make many people retreat and resell their property …

Knowing that the space under the stairs leading to the second floor was empty, the new owner decided to break down the wall, wondering if he could create a pantry for that space, or even the Harry Potter bedroom. But to Jonathan’s surprise, a rag doll inside the lining, sitting in a mini chair, had a note on her lap. Strange, but the silence is getting worse …

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The message written on the paper was utterly horrific, and the unfriendly little toy claimed to have killed its former owners. Awful! Dear reader / new owner of the house, thank you for finding me! My name is Emily. My original owners lived in this house in 1961. I didn’t like them so they had to go. They enjoyed singing. It was disgusting. Punching is my death choice for them, so I hope you have knives. I hope you sleep well “, Said the terrible text.

It is broken, sir, with every curse and sorcery … (Photo: Reproduction / Personal Archive)

The realtor in charge of the sale promised Louis that part of the house was built about four or five years ago, making it impossible to place tickets in the 1960s. “I knew there was a vacuum under the stairs with plasterboard. A wire came out of the place where the previous owners had the refrigerator, but I didn’t know where it was stuffed, so I hit the wall to see what was there. I made a hole the size of a fist and turned off a light bulb. , A toy sat inside “, He said in an interview with Liverpool Echo.

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The teacher’s friends were frightened and advised the boy to leave the place. However, Jonathan Annabelle’s cousin did not appear to be alarmed by the warning. “Some of my friends told me to move my house back to the market, but I think it’s all just a joke. I’ll be honest, I found everything funny. I’ll probably do the same thing.” Commented.

“The letter says 1961, but she told me when she showed me around the house that the kitchen was not built until four or five years ago by real estate. I think the paper did not look too old and it must have been put there because it appeared relatively recently., Britt finished, activated his Sherlock Holmes page. So, was he brave or was he playing with luck? LOL