December 9, 2022

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‘Father, you are a fanatic’, Orthodox priest shouts during Francis’ passage in Athens | The world

A Greek Orthodox priest attacked with words Pope Francisco This Saturday (4), during the Pope’s visit to the Orthodox Archbishop in Athens, Greece. Watch the video above.

When Francis entered the room to meet the head of the Greek Orthodox Church, Father Ionis Diodes shouted, “Father, you are a fanatic!”

Diodes was arrested by police and taken to the scene.

“I told him he was a fanatic and must repent. This is unacceptable Greek pope, he must repent,” the priest told reporters.

Witnesses said he shouted as loud as the Pope could hear.

Pope Francis meets Archbishop Euronimos of the Greek Orthodox Church – Photo: Reuters

In 2001, the visit of Pope John Paul II met with opposition from Orthodox monks and clergy. This was the first visit of a pope to Greece since the great division of Christianity into East and West.

On that occasion, John Paul II apologized for the historical mistakes made by Catholics against Orthodox Christians, which helped ease the difficult relationship between the two churches.

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