January 30, 2023

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Father supports me with 80,000 coins, daughter donates to charity – International

The father threw 80,000 pennies in the backyard of the house where his daughter lives to pay the last child support (Photo: Pixabay)

A man decided To pay Or lasts longer than I think Feeds Gives Daughter In an unusual way. He played 80 thousand coins One Penny In the US state of Virginia, on the lawn of the house where the young woman lives with her mother.

You 800 dollarsAccording to the Richmond television channel WTVR, Avery Sanford was paid about $ 4,050 on May 21 when she turned 18.

The girl is in her final year of high school and says she did not see the scene as her father was in school when the action took place, which he considers Disrespect.

“He rented a trailer. He parked it in front of the house and started the trailer, throwing every penny on the grass,” Avery told the news channel.

According to the student, she and her father Do not talk Years ago.

“It’s not just my mom, he’s trying to embarrass me. It’s my sister and I too, it’s worrying that he did not consider it before he did this (throwing coins in the yard).”

Although she did not see her father throwing money in the backyard, Avery says her mother was there at the time. In addition, security cameras Caught At dinner.

“When this happened my mother came and she didn’t recognize him at first, ‘What are you playing on my lawn?’ To which she replied: ‘Your last child support fee’, only when she realized who it was, “said the young woman.

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Despite the situation, Avery decided to change the negative moment Unity. She and she donated pensions to a shelter for victims of domestic, sexual or human trafficking violence.

“By donating this money to mothers and children in need, I already feel that it really does take advantage of this situation.”

Avery’s mother also went to Henrico County Police to file a lawsuit. Lt. Matthew Becca said he documented the incident, “However, nothing happened Indictment Has been registered. ”

The young man’s father, who did not reveal his identity, said his attitudes towards the news attitude were “the result of 18 years” Frustrated Accumulated “and” The last thing he wanted to do was create a barrier between himself and his daughter. “

Jay Avery said he had no interest in making a development Relationship With father.

“It can be very painful and harmful for your children when you do things like this. It doesn’t matter if they are young or old, your parents’ actions will always have some effect on you,” he said.

* Internship under the supervision of Assistant Editor Ju Renado Faria