April 1, 2023

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Famous viral video child dies at the age of six

Small Antwine Fowler, Known for acting a Video The virus has received nearly 25 million views today Web light, Died at the age of six. The boy was battling an autoimmune endocrine disorder. The boy’s mother posted the news on Chinese social networking sites. Through the Instagram post, he mourned the death of his son.

“My chest pain is like nothing else. Why God !!!! Never in a million years. My heart went out of my chest,” he wrote. Antwine was diagnosed with the disease when he was one year old.

During this time, the boy’s mother shared the baby’s treatment sessions. On one such occasion, in a viral video, the boy asked “Where are we going to eat?” He asks irritably.

In recent months, Antwine has been treating the disease in a hospital bed on their social networks. A kitty was created to raise funds for the boy’s treatment and funeral.

The cause of death of the actor at the age of 28 remains a mystery

Joey MorganHe starred in the hit films O O Compamento de Juventude (2018), Flower of Youth (2017), Compadres (2016) and How to Survive a Zombie Attack (2015) and died at the age of 28. Although Death Hollywood shock, in the United States, due to the rising career of the artist, The cause of the young man’s death remains a mystery, The reason was not reported by Joey’s family. News of the actor’s death was confirmed by the artist’s manager to The Hollywood Reporter website.

“It was a shock and devastation to all who loved him. We will miss him so much. We hope everyone understands how difficult it is for their loved ones, and we ask that you respect the boundaries to be personal in grief,” he said. Agent.

On social media, director Christopher Landon, in charge of how to escape from a zombie attack, lamented the actor’s death. “It came into my life when Joey Morgan recorded ‘How to Survive’ almost 9 years ago. He was funny, intelligent and sensitive. He was magnetic when directing the cameras. He died today. I was heartbroken. I’m proud to have met him one,” the filmmaker lamented.