March 21, 2023

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Family and pet dog mysteriously found dead in California, case causes police maneuver: “Not a regular thing

Mariposa County Police California, Is interested in mystery Death Of a family in the Sierra National Park. John Gerrish, 45, Ellen Chung, 31, their 1-year-old daughter Miju and their dog were found dead on a trail through the Sierra Nevada mountains.

According to People magazine, they went out on Sunday (15th) but did not return home. The next day, their family members complained Disappearance To the police, but the bodies were only on Tuesday (17). Initially, a Murder Was considered, but the hypothesis was rejected in practice. A Postmortem The beginning did not bring enlightening results.

The couple, their daughter and even their dog died on the park trail in California. (Photos: Reproduction)

“It’s so sad and mysterious”, Steven Jeff, family friend, regretted the Washington Post. According to him, despite the pain, no one can be relieved that there are no answers about what happened. “We were devastated by the loss. But the community was like, ‘What happened?’ This is crazy. “, He noted.

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The conditions of the incident also surprised the police. Corporation spokeswoman Christy Mitchell said no physical injuries, signs of trauma or signs of suicide had been identified. “To see a scene involving everyone, including the dog in the dead family, that we have never seen, or seen by any other agency.”He told the Fresno Bee newspaper.

Various possibilities at the table

As investigations continue, authorities are investigating the possible causes of death. “Researchers believe toxic gases, toxic algae and carbon monoxide may have contributed to the death”, Diss Mitchell. “We are not focusing on one specific cause right now. There are many more that we cannot rule out. I think this will be a very long and in-depth investigation because it is not as clear as other cases.”, He added.

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But the main suspicion is that the family may have polluted the water from a river in the area, which is polluted by toxins released by algae. This Tuesday (24), the Maribosa Sheriff’s Office said it hoped the victims’ drug tests would reveal the cause of death. In addition, the dog’s autopsy may provide more clues to unravel this mystery.

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Death Path Family2
The main suspicion is that the family is polluted by toxins released by algae in the water. (Photo: Reproduction)

The water hypothesis makes the most sense, on July 13, the California Department of Fisheries and Wildlife warned of a water test. “High Concentration of Passiflora Flowers Revealed” On the Merced River, it is close to where the family was found. Although the company explains, “Some species can produce toxins that are dangerous to humans and pets.”. So, people were warned not to swim in the water and not to let their pets swim there.

Death Path Family3
The family dog ​​autopsy should provide further clues to the case. (Photo: Reproduction / Facebook)

The test results should be published within two weeks of the water levels in the area and the water taken by the couple. With them, the expectation is that this puzzle will end. Anyway, this is a very sad story …