February 8, 2023

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Ever heard of a mushroom that tastes like chicken?

Difficulty feeding children is a common scenario. The phrase “it tastes like chicken” used by parents has become common around the world. For example, in the United States, chicken consumption is very high. When it’s about Mushrooms, he is not that popular. However, the mushroom King Oyster It has a very distinct appearance, and many have claimed that its taste is very similar to that of chicken. See below to learn more about this popular mushroom in America.

For vegetarians or those who like to try new things, know the taste of mushroom when compared to chicken.

Among the many species of mushrooms that exist, the King Oyster is the largest species of oyster mushroom. In addition, it has a very strange appearance. The first point that attracts much attention is the lack of proportion between the shaft and the cap.

It’s normal for the stem to become large and long and bulbous, becoming hard and rubbery when cooked. The king oyster mushroom has a small cap.

But when it comes to the opposite, it’s surprising. King oysters are rare when eaten raw without pretense. Its stem, in its natural form, has a soft, fleshy texture and a rich, umami flavor.

Among Asian cuisines, the king oyster mushroom is a favorite. For example, we can mention China, Japan and Korea. For those who choose not to eat any type of food derived from animals, in this case Vegetarians, mushroom has become a great choice for them. This is because the texture and flavor of the stems, when cooked, is similar to scallops and chicken.

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Umami is the element that helps enhance meat. Shiitake mushrooms, although their umami is more concentrated, are the closest thing to it in terms of flavor.

If you want to prepare it in other ways, one option is to fry the mushrooms. It’s light and meaty, and it’s surprising that the flavor develops like a crispy outer layer of steak when fried.