June 28, 2022

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European leaders pay unprecedented visit to Ukraine The world

Federal President of Germany, Olaf ScholesPresident of France, Emmanuel MacronAnd Italian Prime Minister Mario Tragi, who represents the three major economies of the European Union, arrived in Ukraine on Thursday.

According to Macron, the trio went to the country to broadcast “Message of European unity to the Ukrainians” In the midst of Russia’s war of aggression against an Eastern European country.

In addition to the three European leaders, Romanian President Glas Iohanis also visited Ukraine. The four met with the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, French President Emmanuel Macron, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky, Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi and Roman Chancellor Klaus Iohanis were photographed in Kiev. – Photo: Ludovic Marin / REUTERS

‘[Esta viagem] It’s support for Ukrainians to talk about the message of European unity, the present and the future, because we know the next few weeks will be very difficult, “Macron said in a brief statement.

German Olaf ScholesIn turn, shortly before his arrival in Kiev, he said the purpose of the trip was to guarantee unity and continued support for Ukraine.

“We not only want to show solidarity, but also financial, humanitarian, but also weapons – we want to ensure that the aid we organize will continue. We will continue to do so as long as necessary for Ukraine’s struggle for independence,” Scholes said.

However, members of the Ukrainian government have publicly expressed fears that the three leaders could use the visit to pressure the Ukrainian government to accept a peace deal favorable to the rule of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Conflict. Germany and France have turbulent relations with Kiev, and members of the Ukrainian government continue to criticize the two countries’ “reluctance” to support further armed support.

Recently, Macron said it was imperative that Putin not be “insulted” by the West. Currently, Russia occupies 20% of the territory of Ukraine. Macron and Scholes have recently been criticized by Poland, an ally of Ukraine, for their frequent contacts with German and French leaders.

Macron, Scholz and Draghi traveled together on a special train departing from a station in Poland from Wednesday to Thursday – unidentified.

European leaders gathered at the Marinsky Palace in Kiev. – Photo: Associated Press

The leaders traveled in different cars, but held a two-hour meeting to discuss their meeting with Zhelensky. The trio allowed themselves to be photographed during these conversations.

The Italian press cites strong security measures to ensure the passage of the train, a program organized in Kiev with 300 members of the Ukrainian army.

The three leaders were greeted with airstrikes in the Ukrainian capital as Russia continued to attack targets across the country. Ukrainian officials said on Thursday that a Russian rocket fired overnight had hit Sumi, a suburb of northern Ukraine, killing four people and wounding six others.

Shortly after their arrival in Ukraine, a photo was taken of the three leaders visiting Irfin. A town a few kilometers from Kiev was the scene of fierce fighting in the first weeks of the Russian invasion.

Scholes said Irbine had become a symbol of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the “cruelty” of its violence. “Irfin, like Pucha, has become a symbol of the unimaginable brutality and brutality of the Russian war,” said Scholes, referring to the Ukrainian city of Pucha, where massacres were blamed for invading Russian forces. “The catastrophic destruction of this city is a warning: this war must end,” Scholes said.

Macron, on the other hand, condemned the “barbarism” in the city. “It is a heroic city, marked by the stigma of barbarism,” the French president told reporters.

The arrival of the trio comes at a crucial time, when Ukraine is slowly intensifying its grievances over the supply of arms by the West. Scholes was the main target of Kiev’s complaints. It is customary for the Ukrainian ambassador to Berlin, Andrij Melnyk, to complain about German reluctance and denounce that Berlin’s promised weapons have not been delivered. In April, relations between Berlin and Kiev reached a low point after Kiev rejected the visit of German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

The first joint visit of the leaders comes a week before the EU summit, where European leaders are set to discuss Ukraine’s wishes in a 27-nation bloc. Ukraine did not hide the fact that it expects a very strong sign of support at the meeting, such as a declaration of support for the country’s candidacy for the EU.

However, Kiev’s aspirations are viewed with reservations by many countries. The French government, for example, has insisted that “a balance must be struck between Ukrainian aspirations” and between other countries already engaged in negotiations to join the EU without “disrupting or breaking the EU”. Macron also said it would take “ten years” for Ukraine to join.

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