August 17, 2022

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Europe continues to shake Russia’s cradle of welcome – News

What a cry can be has very clear definitions and, perhaps, irreversible certainty. Europe, irresponsibly and irrationally, pushes Russia into China’s lap. We have already warned about this Here. The devastation of the diplomatic channels in the war in Ukraine was evident from the first moment exactly three months ago. Now initial errors send dated slips to everyone already involved.

It seems unbelievable how the heads of state, top military officials, technocrats and advisers of the international political elite are recovering the earth in the midst of a severe economic crisis. According to the Europeans they commit suicide.

There is nothing wrong with celebrating Russia’s ultimate “isolation” as a result of the severe sanctions imposed by the United States and NATO. Loneliness, pale faces from whom?

What you see is unprecedented reconciliation between the Russians and the Chinese. Even in Soviet times the two powers did not understand each other; Instead, they exchanged animosities. Just listen to what I said on Monday (23) Russian Foreign MinisterSergei Lavrov: Moscow will assess the need to re-establish relations with the West if it receives concessions, but will focus on developing relations with China.

Could not have given a clear message. Outside of simple common sense, the West should, instead, avoid assembling a giant Eastern assembly with a strong communist ideological accent. Vladimir Putin will not live forever, but he will leave his dictatorial and militant legacy. The fanatical “democrats” of the Old World have already compiled Russia as a gift. Thanks to Xi Jinping.

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