March 23, 2023

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Eunice storm damaged the stadiums and destroyed the London stadium; Look

The damage caused by the Eunice storm, today (18) made several games from different categories Football English will be postponed. The grounds were damaged and the multipurpose stadium in London was blown away by the wind.

Matches were suspended for two reasons: the storm caused structural damage to some stadiums, endangering the safety of fans; And because the wind is still strong in most parts of the UK it is automatically dangerous to them. The wind was blowing at a speed of 196 kmph in the country today and the National Weather Service (Meteorological Office) warned of “danger to life”.

For example, Bournemouth announced that the game against Nottingham Forrest in the English Second Division should be postponed following the storm damaging the Vitality Stadium structure. “The continuous impact of the storm prevents timely repair of damage to the game,” the official statement said.

At least 25 matches in the amateur or professional leagues in the UK have had the same fate, but the Premier League currently has eight matches scheduled for tomorrow (19). Three of these games take place in London, the region most affected by the storm today: West Ham v Newcastle, Arsenal v Brentford and Crystal Palace v Chelsea.

The storm leveled the roof of the O2 arena, which hosts concerts and sporting events in London. Space has canceled a present-day presentation and maintenance can be carried out depending on the reduction in wind strength. The World Title Boxing Tournament is scheduled for March 27 and the UFC Fight Night on March 19.

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Grounds across the UK have been damaged. In the coastal city of Bogam in the south-east of England, the roof of the stand flew down the street and collided with a car parked there. In another, the stadium, located in a town north of London, collapsed on the pitch. The damage was not limited to the UK: the wind tore off part of the coverage of a stadium in The Hague on the other side of the English Channel (see damage below).

Damage in The Hague, Netherlands: