March 27, 2023

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English begins to use teeth for the dead after medical care is not available

Matt Bonnell, 53, of England, had to accept a donation of teeth because his health service refused medical help. The Sun revealed that the teeth were donated by a widow who recently lost her husband.

When he was 42, Matt got his first teeth after being involved in a bicycle accident. English problems started 18 months ago.

“I have been trying to repair my upper prosthesis for 18 months, but every dentist says they are not picking up new patients because of the corona virus,” Matt said.

Bonal and the dental donor met when he met his mother at the hospital. When he told her about his problem, Matt found the dead man in the hospital holding his teeth after the Englishman died.

“When I met my mom at the hospital, I started talking to an old man […] He said I could pull his teeth when he died because he would not go there and his wife actually gave them to me, ”Bonell revealed.

Matt was pleased with the widow’s attitude and promised to reward her at some point.

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