There comes a time, in the life of each individual, in which convictions fall. What we believed to be true in past, immediately looses its foundations. We realize Captain Hook might just have a serious form of PSTD, and gets constantly bullied by an obnoxious Peter Pan. Tom by Jerry; Lovely by Tweety, and so on for many and many childhood characters.

The Wolf’s Bite, title born from the collaboration of three young developers, is based on this concept. The wolf’s demolition company had to close down because of the three little pigs’ debts; the solution? Let’s open a restaurant! Will the wolf succeed in his new business, or will he be torpedoed by the three little stinkers?

Funny, If Played With Someone

The Wolf’s Bite is a multi-choice PVP. Its purpose is to choose the option that seems to be more harmful to the opponent, or worthwhile for the player itself.

The main menu allows us to select how many players are there in the match -one or two. Personally, I did not enjoy single player as much as PVP. At the moment, a difficulty selection is absent, but it’s something that would probably make the option more challenging and stimulating.

The Wolf’s Bite has been conceived as a social experience by its own creators. The day two of us met to try the game out, it was impossible not to laugh when reading some of the adorable lines included in the game! The competition factor has to be taken into account as well; meeting and having the chance to see responses and reactions to your own actions in real time will certainly contribute making the game more fun and intriguing. To play at its best, then, I’d advice you to gather some friends, then!

The Wolfs Bite

Infinite Options

During each of the seven rounds a match is made of, the player will have the chance to visit one of the nine places included in the map. Each of them offers different situations that casually alternate between them. Given this many options, the gameplay always seems different, possibilities are the most various the developers could make.

In fact, it is essential to give to a format like The Wolf’s Bite’s the biggest number of alternatives. Repetitiveness is an actual risk; the only presence of a multi-choice story, in which choices and their consequences are the only possible variants, may make the game seem boring. To us, though, the experience has been pretty positive, free from any replays of similar situations. This is possibly the best way to maintain the players’ attention, considered how the game itself is made.

Adorable Graphics!

The Wolfs BiteThe Wolf’s Bite is made for both children and adult players. No taboo or inappropriate situation is included in it. As it is a word-based game, though, with a nice but sometimes complicated narration, you might want to keep this aspect into account.

Graphics is very intriguing and adorable under every aspect. Each character is drawn and colored with great care, so as the environment they are placed in. I love how this game has “homemade, but professionally” vibe. Each component offers a familiar comfort sensation, making The Wolf’s Bite rather comfortable.

So… Is The Wolf’s Bite Worth it?

In our opinion, it is! If you are looking for the same kind of experience we described, you should try this game out! Also, don’t forget to bring a friend!


This Article Has Been Written And Translated By Elisa Napolitano