Tell Me Everything is a mystery solving game, where all you have is your words. Selecting words to form sentences, you must interrogate three suspects. This however, is not a simple pick the work to fill the sentence game. I was expecting an easy puzzle disguised as an intricate investigation. Something that was make you feel intelligent, while you didn’t actually do much at all.

Tell Me Everything really does require a lot of brain power but, is it too much of a challenge?

Welcome To The Interrogation Room

Opening up Tell Me Everything, you find yourself in front of a cool pixelated art style. It created a grungy classic detective show feel. After a brief introduction you are tasked to solve a murder, armed with little information about each suspect and, a few clues it is straight into the interrogation. This is where I started to feel like a fish out of water! I wanted to ask questions, but had no prompts so where was I to begin?

A lot of games do a fair bit of hand holding, so to have been thrown into the deep end was a surprise. I was faced with a million ideas in my head and, only a few words on the screen to form them. While I fumbled around trying to get used to it, all I succeed in doing was annoying my suspects.

After a few failed attempts I finally struck gold, I asked a question that yielded more information. With my first success under my belt, I really started to get along with the game. When you find out more information, more words are added to you The Indie Toaster, Tell Me Everything linguistic arsenal. From this you can form more questions and further your investigation . At this point I started to use the words to form questions, rather form questions then try find the words to create them.

Okay Sir, You Have To Tell Me Everything

After playing for half an hour, Tell Me Everything seemed like a drag more than anything. I came back to it a little later and, found I was really enjoying playing. Tell Me Everything took me a little while to really engage with but, now has me hooked.

For me it is not a game I can sit there and play non-stop; Instead it is something I play for about half an hour at a time, then while I am off doing other things I am thinking about the next question to ask. It is a game you play, while not actually playing.

While having such little information at the start is what originally turned me away, now it is what keeps me hooked. The storyline is a classic murder, with three suspects being around the victim in the final few hours of his life. In this situation any piece of information is precious, this is why you feel such elation when discovering anything. This is further improved when the information you gained can lead to asking multiple questions in procession, creating a great feeling of process.

It can become so easy to focus on one suspect for a long period of time. To prevent The Indie Toaster, Tell Me Everything this the game has a great mechanism where the mood of the suspect can change and, this causes them to be unreliable. This keeps a better flow of questions directed to all suspects, so you don’t get lost in one avenue.

That Is All The Questions For Now

Tell Me Everything is not the game I expected, in many ways it is better. While I am disappointed that it is not additive enough to keep me playing for hours, I love the fact that even when I am not playing I am thinking about it. I enjoy the fact that it is a The Indie Toaster, Tell Me Everything real challenge and, not just an easy detective game that follows convention. If you have patients and time to invest into a great mystery this is the game for you. If you are after a quick solve and a simple test of investigation ability this may not be your game.

Tell Me Everything is wonderful challenge that really gets you thinking. The characters are fun, and variant. While I was originally pessimistic of the game, I am singing high praises now. I have never had a game flip my opinion so drastically, I am very glad I gave it a second chance. If you are an avid fan of mysteries pick up this amazing game today!