Coming from a sales background I had to take a look at Talk to strangers. I have even worked as a door to door salesman as your character does in this new game by Post Mortem Pixels.

It has all you would want out of a simulated door to door salesman world! Depression, anger, confusion and of course nice old ladies wanting to buy your crap.

But the question is. Is playing the life of a door to door salesman any fun? Let’s find out!

Rage, Depression and Getting Sales

High tech salesman - Talk to strangers

Talk to strangers is a sales survival game. Yes, you read that right. What that means is that you need to keep your anger and depression in check while making necessary sales in order to survive on your performance based salary. So it’s almost like your standard RUST, ARK or whatever new survival game that’s hot right now. But with crippling emotional issues and a nice briefcase!

In order to do this, you go to a few houses a day knocking on peoples doors. If they answer the door you are greeted with three alternatives, choose one and then another and then another until you make your sale. While doing this gauging of the customer interest you also need to keep a watch on your rage and depression. Some customers are real downers so try to keep your cool.

Grinding To Get That Perfect Ending

If you can get around failing and grinding a lot this game has a lot of fun stories and a lot of endings to explore. A round can take anywhere between a few minutes to half an hour. The characters are a tad bit tropey but enjoyable and the dialogue options remind a bit about my own salesman days in a sad comedic way.

Motel - Talk to strangers

Your home for this workweek

Talk to strangers has great storytelling. When you get to a new house you never know what you’re going to see or experience. If you’re also a horrible human being like me it’s pretty great to play a real pushy salesman without any remorse or morals. It also leads to some pretty neat endings!

The game is not without its flaws, however. It is rather short, can get kinda repetitious on your tenth playthrough and it can feel grindy at times. But this is a game you can easily spend half an hour on a few times and still get something enjoyable out of the experience. Talk to strangers is also roughly the price of half a pizza by Swedish standards so to me it feels like it’s definitely worth the price.

The game is available on Steam for 3.29 Euro or your local currency equivalency.