Super Hyperactive Ninja asks you an important question; what would you do if an evil shogun hell bent on taking over the world, came to your quiet village and stole the Legendary Coffee – A drink said to bestow infinite energy to the one who drinks it?

It’s Super Hyperactive Ninja Time!

Well, first you would probably wonder why he didn’t drink it on the spot to consume the power. Then as Kohimaru, the last of the Coffe-Nin, you wage a one man attack on your enemies. With your incredible Hypermode you would be unstoppable right? Well yes and no, Hypermode makes you faster and gives you the ability to jump off walls. The downside is it drains your coffee bar faster; A bar which is always slowly draining even if you stand still.  When this bar is empty your ninja takes a nap and you go back to the closest checkpoint.

The Indie Toaster, Super Hyperactive Ninja, Review, Coffee

This becomes a small issue, but one easily fixed by picking up the steaming cups of coffee around the level.  These cups of coffee will fill up your coffee bar depending on the size of the cup you manage to grab as you dash past. There is also a to-go cup that will fill your bar fully. This is a single use power up that might be dotted around the levels.

Is This A True Ninja Challenge?

There are six levels and then a boss battle at the top floor where you use what you have learnt in the rest of the tower to beat the boss. Right off the bat this is clearly meant to be a challenging game; With new enemy types added in through out the course of the game ranging other ninjas to old wizards, ghosts and dogs. There are obstacles dotted around to make completing the levels harder and, sadly in my experience frustrating.

The Indie Toaster, Super Hyperactive Ninja, Review, Coffee


See for as fun it is to run around leaping off walls and completing what is essentially puzzles, there where a few things that left a bitter taste in my mouth. Every time you leave hypermode you Character pauses to catch their breath for about a second depending on who your playing as, this leaves you stationary and also more importantly vulnerable.  On more then one occasion I stopped on a ledge before entering a room of ghosts to have one float by and, end my run because I was out of breath.

I started on the medium difficulty, this meant if you where hit once you go back to the checkpoint.  After about 3 hours and muting the music that was looping the same song for each level; I switched to the easy mode. This thankfully gave me two hits before dying which is great…except most enemies and obstacles such as flames and spikes stun lock you so you get hit immediately and die.

Being A Ninja Comes With Its Issues

Then there’s the other problem I had of when you start playing your told a real ninja attacks from the back and, the only way you can take out other ninjas is from behind. Oh and, only in Hypermode!  The enemies like the ninja dogs and the ghosts, which with the four of nine playable characters I unlocked couldn’t be killed.  They could be frozen with one of the power ups your able to get when you start the third area. Though that uses up a limited power up that is also needed to get through orange flames.


The Indie Toaster, Super Hyperactive Ninja, Review, Coffee, Playable Characters

The thing is, for all of the little issues I have with Super Hyperactive Ninja, for the most part I have enjoyed it. The Coffee bar makes you think about the path you have to take to finish each level. There’s going to be re-play ability if you want to get on the leader boards for each level. I am really looking forward to seeing the speed running videos. They will inevitable come to follow this charming if frustrating little game.

The question is, after spending time with the Super Hyperactive Ninja, can I recommend It? And the answer is maybe. It’s a challenging game. Personally I feel like the pause after Hypermode is pointless and brings the gameplay to a girding halt. The stun lock that lets you get double hit on easy was frustrating. But the art style is cute, there’s a varied selection of enemies and the bosses test your skill with the new power ups. If you are a fan of action platformers for the price I reckon you could do worse.

If this sounds like your kind of game grab yourself a copy on steam for £5.79. PS4 for £6.49 or Xbox for £7.19 and save the world one sip at a time.