According to an e-mail The Indie Toaster just received earlier today, Polish indie developer Tate Multimedia is auctioning off a unique collector’s edition for their upcoming game Steel Rats.

The opening bid for this package is set at 5000€ (about 5700$ or 4400£). Tate Multimedia presented their initiative as a purely charitable one, stating the team will donate a fraction of the earnings to various charities throughout the world.

The eBay auction kicked off on October 30th and will continue until November 6th at 2 PM CET. An anonymous benefactor already  placed a 5700$ bid at the time of writing, although we’re sure the price will grow even further as the deadline approaches.

What Does The Steel Rats Deluxe Edition Look Like?

There’s a lot most people can do with $5000+.  While the idea of giving a portion of it to charity definitely appeals to some, Tate Multimedia still needed to offer something that could match that huge price-tag. This is why the studio came up with a package that might well be the first of its kind.

steel rats screamer picture

I iz Screamer! Wanna Be Frens?

The Steel Rats: Super Turbo Ultimate Wreck & Ride Collectors Edition – that’s a bit of a tongue twister – contains several unique gadgets that the Polish studio specifically commissioned for their initiative. Among other things, the highest bidder will walk home with a saw blade statue, a Steel Rats T-shirt, the game’s entire soundtrack on vinyl, a couple of branded whiskey glasses, and an assortment of pins, lanyards, and other memorabilia. The listing also mentions multiple copies of the indie title itself, that you’ll be able to play on PC as well as consoles.

That’s not all, however! To really top things off, the indie devs decided to include a life-size replica of one of Steel Rats most infamous opponents. The Screamer -that’s its friendly nickname – is a 3 meter-tall statue of a Junkbot, built out of more than 500 pieces of steel. We’re not entirely sure how you’ll receive this particular item, but we secretly hope it comes in a series of IKEA-style flat boxes alongside its own assembly manual!

Whether you want to know more about the auction or you feel ready to commit, you can visit the listing here. Steel Rats will hit the shelves on November 7th and is going to be available through all major retailers.