Halloween is a time where -for some reason- a lot of us enjoy giving ourselves a scare. The surge of panic while knowing you are not in real danger can give you a rush.

While Halloween is not my favourite holiday when there are pumpkins on every corner, it is hard not to get in the spirit of things. So after playing some of these spooky games, I will be sleeping with the light on for a while!

If you are brave and fearless, you may wish you get a spook from our selected games below. If you don’t want to spend your Halloween jumping at shadows, fear not we have thrown in a game for you as well.

9th Gate

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Have you ever wanted to play hide and seek, where if you get caught you lose your soul? Yes! Then this is the game for you! Armed with only a mobile phone, 9th Gate tasks you to track down cursed dolls while avoiding wandering spirits. While the start of the game seemed a bit bizarre, it was a great way to introduce me to the controls, and built a great bit of tension. This is not an experience for who wants constant screams, as it works more at keeping people on the edge.

Navigate through the creepy apartment block, hiding from spirits and following screams you will be on the edge of your seat. There can be a few jump scares, but overall 9th Gate is more to make your Halloween creepy, rather than scary.

The Conjuring HouseThe Indie Toaster, Halloween list, Spooky Indie Games, Scary Games

If you want a game with a few more scares, then you may be brave enough for The Conjuring House.

With just the opening scenes giving out creepy vibes, it then throws players straight into the action. The constant tension as you explore the creepy abandoned mansion, makes every slight noise ten times scarier. Giving off a rather Resident Evil vibe as you go around avoiding monsters and collecting keys, it does have an air of mystery to the game.

Each door opened, you fear there will be something waiting for you. Though amongst the fear, the mystery of this mansion tickles the back of your mind. If you want to constantly feel uneasy, run from demons and have a few jump scares, this might be your Halloween game of choice.

Blood Opera Crescendo

The Indie Toaster, Halloween list, Spooky Indie Games, Scary Games

Halloween is a time of darkness and mystery, the same two words I would use to describe Blood Opera Crescendo.

While so far there’s only a demo, it is definitely a great way to get into the spooky spirit of Halloween. It is not a game that will scare you with jumps but one that tells a sick and twisted tale. If you enjoy sitting around a campfire listening to scary stories, this is for you. This is a tale of a murderer who mutilates people’s bodies into instruments and, your obsession with the sound they produce. This dark tale is one that will intrigue you, while also making you mildly uncomfortable. With eerie music and a tale of a monstrous person, Blood Opera Crescendo is definitely not for the faint of heart.

Skeletal Dance PartyThe Indie Toaster, Halloween list, Spooky Indie Games, Scary Games

Maybe spooky games are not for you, everyone has their own preferences. If you want a tale of witches and skeletons that is more sweet than spooky, then you will want an invite to the Skeletal Dance Party.

Get into the Halloween spirit by raising the dead to some upbeat dance music. Skeletal Dance Party is filled with sweet but twisted characters and has a JRPG feel without the turn-based combat. You cast spells, recruit skeletons and dance! If you want to spend your Halloween consuming anything with pumpkin spice in the name, rather than being all broody and dark, I definitely think this is the game for you. While light-hearted and upbeat, Skeletal Dance Party still creates a spooky feel.

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