The first time I booted up the adventure world of Sigi – A Fart for Melusina, I felt a bit of nostalgia echoing from the Mario-inspired atmosphere. Who was this gallant Knight Sigi? How did his indigestion intertwine with saving the love of his life while simultaneously warding off an array of enemies? Sounds familiar, right? To be honest, a high percentage of this gassy platformer reflects the gameplay displayed in older Mario games. Sigi, on the other hand, is way more comfortable with his flatulent ways. Actually, he takes pride in it.

sigi melusina

Breaking Wind

Taking advantage of the full controller support feature, Sigi and I begin to battle through the wonderfully animated and elementary stages collecting coins and greasy foods. Like many platformers, accumulating one hundred coins granted my bubbly pal another life. Gathering all four letters of Sigi’s name also ticked on a life. Sometimes a piranha sporadically flies into the air just as Sigi is leaping over a body of water. Thus, one of three precious hearts that produce a singular life disperses for all eternity. Luckily, stages are replayable and lives are a piece of cake to rack up. Not to mention the array of checkpoints scattered throughout every level. Easy peasy.

My first impression after reaching the first food cart (aka the finish line) chalked up to questioning where the challenge was hiding. Annihilating slow-moving zombies or slithering snakes was like taking candy from a baby. The next couple of stages following suit, appeared just as fundamental. The amount of lives I’d accrued was in the double digits. Life was good, but not very exciting. As the first boss battle presented itself, I couldn’t help but expect a mundane experience that would take me seconds to conquer. As Sigi’s final life flew into oblivion my ego crashed and burned, I came to the conclusion that I would never expect such a thing ever again.

sigi map

Let ‘Er Rip

My assumption is that generated easy-going stages to better equip Sigi for a handful of unforgiving boss battles that occur every four stages. Sure, as the game progresses the difficulty naturally escalates. Yet, nothing quite grinds my gears like losing an embarrassing amount of lives to an apparent blinded goof. Come on, Sigi, we can do better than this!

Memorizing the pattern of attack appeared to benefit the farty-pants hero, but the random slew of foes that bombarded the fighting arena threw me for a loop. How am I supposed to concentrate when a demonic bird keeps trying to murder me with its homicidal poop? I miss the simpler times.

Nonetheless, I obviously jinxed myself. Fortunately, Sigi acquires an assortment of quirky weapons whilst adventuring to rescue the beautiful Melusina. Most weapons are in plain sight while others are idle in secret caverns, accompanied by other miscellaneous loot. My personal favorite, the powerful chicken drumstick, fought Sigi through hordes of enemies. There’s nothing quite like saving the day with your favorite food as your trusty sidekick.

sigi gameplay

A Rootinest Tootinest Hero

Totaling to only twenty stages, Sigi – A Fart for Melusina isn’t too shabby of a platformer. A good percentage of gameplay is a breeze to meander through. When life got tough, hoarding lives for boss battles proved to be effective – especially when I was on the verge of pulling out my hair.

Luckily, Sigi and his whimsical toots lightened the mood and had me smiling at his glaringly obvious indigestion all over again. It’s no wonder Melusina fell so madly in love with him!