Upon starting Seers Isle by Nova-box I was blown away at how beautiful it was, and I later found myself enthralled in the narrative they had created.

You’ve Got My Attention

Seers Isle follows eight people and their ever-present watcher, Rowan, as they try to reach the peak of the mountain and complete their own tests to become shamans. It’s set many many years ago in Europe. Jennyver, Arlyn, Connor, Brandon, Freya, Duncan, and Erik have come to an island to test themselves; some were chosen, others had no choice. Once they will successfully pass the aforementioned personal tests, they will become Shamans and return to their village. Each has their own troubles and challenges to overcome and on your choices may depend the failure of some; this is where you come in.

Seers Isle

Immediately you are thrust into the driver’s seat and must make a quick decision. Doing this really pulled me into the story and held my attention. But before I get into the mechanics more, I want to mention the soundtrack. After hitting start, you are serenaded by a lovely melody that set my expectations high and didn’t let me down. Throughout there are moments that had me thinking “wow”. One example is where Arlyn plays the flute, it was short but helped convey the setting they were trying to put across.

Your Decisions Matter

Because this is an interactive graphic novel, your decisions weigh on what happens to the members of the group; there is also no save feature, your choices stick. You have moments where some of them are singled out and it can have ramifications on the rest of the group. Towards the end, I actually got my favorite character killed because I thought I should be nice to someone else. But don’t worry about trying to get the perfect ending, as Seers Isle has many. You can be as grim as you want, to a point. I really liked that they did this, unlike most other similar games which have a fairly set path. You are asked things sparingly which I think was good if they did, it would have interrupted the story way too much.

As you play, the group repeatedly mention seers, which you regularly see. Seers are all powerful beings that inhabit the island, they decide who will become a shaman. They have taken the form of children and create an uneasy presence. The characters are even wary of them and try their best not to upset them. I found it interesting how each person would describe them. Some were scared, and others wanted to follow them blindly.

Impressively Satisfying

The artwork is something unto itself. It reminds me of a canvas painting with its attention to detail and honest charm. Along with the soundtrack, that this is one of the major interest points of the game.Seers Isle

Towards the end, I found it didn’t do what some other games sometimes do, which is have you realize what is happening. Seers Isle’s story was a surprise to me in the sense that I liked it a lot more than I thought I would. It was well thought out and delivered. By the end, I felt satisfied with the answers and what happened on the island (even with my favourite one dying). It only took me a few hours to complete it, and I’m glad, as any more might have ruined the story prolonging it too much.

If you love the genre, Seers Island is a great one. What are you waiting for? Sit back and watch the story unfold.


Seers Isle is available for purchase on Steam.