Have you ever wanted to experience being hated just because of your job? To be called heartless for following the law? Have a boss that no matter how hard you try will always seem to hate you? Yes? Then oh boy is Parking Cop Simulator the game for you!

Sorry, I have to write you a ticket

Filling the shoes of a young man called Randy, Parking Cop Simulator introduces you to the world of parking fines. Starting off with the fun premise that the government is low on funds and can’t train you, okay that doesn’t actually sound fun. This leads to being bombarded with information then sent off to apply it instantly. Though not before your sassy boss, Vanessa, hints at your mysterious past.The Indie Toaster, Review, Parking Cop Simulator

From here on you read parking signs and inspect cars. For each car, you have to chose to ticket it or not. If you do ticket a car you must also select why and how much to fine them. Get any of this wrong and you will lose job security. At first if you make an error the game will tell you what you did wrong. Later on it will only tell you that you have made a mistake, making things a lot harder.

The difficulty of this game rises very nicely through out. Later levels will introduce new features and new parking situations. The amount of cars to inspect will also increase. This is a pain as you have to check every single car. If you miss a car by mistake, have fun finding it as there is no indication as to which car has been checked till you click on it.

How can Parking Cop Simulator be even remotely fun!?

Honesty is the best policy, so I will admit when this game came to The Indie Toaster HQ I avoided it like stink on a stick. Choosing to write a review on a point and click instead. What a poor decision that was! For all its unflattering advertisement and the fact it sounds horrendous, Parking Cop Simulator was actually…fun.

Each time you play, you remember more. Which is why mutliple plays are needed to complete Parking Cop Simualtor. Personally I completed the game in 4 tries, 5 if you The Indie Toaster, Review, Parking Cop Simulatorcount the time I was cheeky to Vanessa and she fired me on the spot. The final time I made better use of the save function allowing me to correct any mistakes instantly. This did feel a bit like cheating and the game is a lot better if you don’t save as it makes every decision a lot more harrowing.

As you learn from your errors you gain sense of accomplishment when you fix your wrong choices. What makes it even better is when you get into a haze and the game throws in a wild card. You correctly checked twenty cars in a row and get a bit confident. Then, wait…what, I made an error!? Oh yes, the game has decided to change something ever so slight that you wouldn’t of even thought about.

Nowhere is safe from the parking cop!

So you ticket cars and it is fun, but wait there is more! I am talking about environments and NPCs. The objective is to make it through six days of writing fines, each day being split into sections and different areas. The variety of environments is awesome but, what makes them individual is the NPCs that are wondering around them. You can interact with many of them and sometimes they will come and interact with you.The Indie Toaster, Review, Parking Cop Simulator

The NPC interactions can be funny and sweet which makes the time limits in the levels a pain. While the time limit makes the game more fun when you are running around frantically trying to find the last car. They are also a hindrance as it made exploration seen off limits. As you get to your third or fourth play the time limit is ample enough to explore and still do your job. Though by that point you are so used to failing you don’t want to risk it.

It feels like the developers might have clocked off early

The amazing environment and NPC interactions must of required a lot of work. This might be why other parts of the game feel a bit unfinished.  The inventory was very classic J-RPG style and yet I only ever had one item.  It was never explained why Randy needed this job after Vanessa’s passive agressive comment at the start.

These features did improve the J-RPG style and could have been cosmetic. If so, it might have been better off without adding them as it just made the game feel incomplete. This is such a shame as the ending of the game was amazing. It was so funny and wrapped the game play up well. It could have been a nice tied up parcel but the added extras are like loose strings.

Could this be the job for you?

I wont be applying for the role of parking cop any time soon but I really did enjoy Parking Cop Simulator. Even more so once I put on constant dash and flew through the earlier levels with speed and precision. In description the game sounds bland and repetitive. This could not be further from the truth.

Parking Cop Simulator is addictive, fun and unique. It will never be game of the year but it defiantly is worth a play. So grab a pen and notebook, it is time to write up a ticket.