Do you want to feel like you’re in a 3D world of Tron whilst raging at every crash and failure that you have, knowing the fact you need to finish this particular level to progress? Meet oOo: Ascension.

“Just One More Shot”

This BAFTA-nominated game by developer Extra Mile Studios takes on the classic arcade game of levels and competition. Navigating your ship across different globe structures in the shortest time possible, your goal is to work through all 90 levels and reach the end with your grace still intact.

These levels may look pretty with the glowing neon oranges, blues, and purples, and with an amazing electronic soundtrack. However, don’t let that fool you! With each level comes spinning blades, dangerous walls, blasting lasers, and speedy obstacles flying your way.

Learn The Ways

It is truly a test on how you learn from each failure, and how you can build up your speed, precision, and good timing. Whilst the player learns and adapts their play for each individual level, they are also timed. When you finish the level, you are shown your personal best and also the suggested target time that you finish, which helps to give you an idea of whether to try a level again.

There are four different control buttons and sticks. To move the aircraft, the player uses the left or right stick of the controller, and then there are two buttons on your controller to either speed up or slow down your aircraft. These last two controllers are handy in situations where corners are difficult to pass or when there are too many obstacles to avoid.

Ready. Set. Go!

oOo: Ascension’s level difficulty is structured to give you enough time to learn about the tricks in the first few sectors and get comfortable with the controls. After that…the player’s all on their own.

The competition comes from trying to aim for the target time, possibly beating it, and just trying to make it through the level in general. When playing, it won’t be too long when you’ll achieve your Happy 100th Death award, but you’ll get over that disheartening award pretty soon as you’re aiming towards your 1000th.

That seems to be one issue, however, in terms of the range of difficulty in these levels. It all comes down to the sensitivity of the controls. Playing on a small globe with narrow passages and corners makes it almost impossible to even get past two seconds of the game. With the combination of layout and traps, oOo: Ascension becomes a game of frustration more than a game of wits.

Continue? 5…4…3…2…1

However, it’s this difficulty and different features that makes the game a permanent gem in your game library.  With failure, the player can find themselves spending hours on the game to get that satisfaction of either beating their personal best or target time. The player can also choose to play competitively against a second player in local play so that two can struggle together.

OOo: Ascension is not for the restless. This arcade experience will drive you up the wall, around corners, and avoiding obstacles, but will give you a unique experience in the genre. The sensitive controls may throw you off and make you want to give up, but players need to see this as not just any challenge, but a test on your timing and endurance.