When I first played Omen of Sorrow this past month, I knew it would be a little rough around the edges. The first game from an indie studio tends to be, at the very least, imperfect. AOne‘s project, unfortunately, is no exception to the rule.

I found Omen of Sorrow to be lacking a certain depth. Like many other players, I like to hook ourselves up to an IV back of caffeine and play a game for six hours straight. I couldn’t do so this time around, as I had to stop and relieve myself of nitpicking every detail.

For those that want to take a look at what’s wrong with the game first-hand, our video-review of Omen of Sorrow is now available on YouTube. Alternatively, you can  always skim through the next paragraph and see what bothered me the most of this indie beat’em up from Chile!

Omen of Sorrow in 200 Words

Usually, I think it’s normal to ignore the story in a fighting game. Whether it is Mortal Kombat or DC’s Injustice, I’ve never found the plot to matter more than to pad out the runtime. Omen of Sorrow instead pushes a story, and that might be the dev’s biggest mistake.

if you are like me, you would rather get to the fighting early and then get a bit of lore to whet your appetite. However, the narrative is taking front and center stage here, with Oscar-worthy lines such as “Uhgg!” and “No!” that the writer didn’t even bother formatting properly.

The gameplay, on the other hand, lacks depth and could definitely use a once-over. The fighters in Omen of Sorrow could only rely on five attacks and no combos, so you are quickly left kicking your opponents to death. The characters themselves don’t feel defined either, with no discernible features that leave a mark.

Still, I think Omen of Sorrow could see improvements in later updates. The team behind it should trim the dialogue between fights, give their characters real weight and sort out various technical problems; including the fact the voice-over repeats itself before a cutscene ends. Only then will their indie game stand a chance.

Omen of Sorrow is already available on the Playstation Store, and should land on Xbox One and on PC by the end of 2018.