Do you miss having fighting tournaments with your friends? Something that could be quick and fun, or last a while and bring out your competitive streak. If that sounds like you, read no further just pick up Nidhogg 2 and have fun. If you would like to hear more, read on about a game I wish I picked up sooner.

Nidhogg 2, the indie toaster

I challenge you to a duel

Nidhogg 2 is a game about playing an innocent game of tug-of-war. That happens to involve swords, daggers and bows. Oh and, also a flying worm. It is a very simple concept but, everything works so well. The combat is easy to learn and, hard to master.  Each weapon acts differently, the rapier feels nimble and the broadsword cleaves your opponent into mush. Then there is the dagger as fast as lightning but, you need to get close and personal. Finally, we have the bow, do not let your enemy get the bow, they are lethal. The art style is beautiful, even more so when it’s oozing with the blood of your foe.

When I first picked up Nidhogg 2 I had only seen someone play it on a stream. I thought it was something I might pick up on sale. Now I have played through the single player three times. I feel compelled to get quicker, to get better. The best part is my dad loves playing against me, we have played a few matches every night. I am not ashamed to say he has beaten me a few time. There is something magical about watching a man in his fifties revel in crushing his son to be victorious.  And that is where the beauty of Nidhogg 2 comes into play. Within five minutes of grabbing the controller, you can be battling to see who can be eaten by the Nidhogg.

Nidhogg 2, the indie toaster

Is Nidhogg 2 worth it?

In case you haven’t noticed, I genuinely love this game. My Xbox up until now has been used as a 4K Blu-ray player. In less then a week I think we have clocked more hours into Nidhogg 2 than any triple-A game I have. It is charming, It is fun and trying to beat your time gives the single player replayability. The competitive couch mode makes it compelling and something you can play with a group of friends.  Frankly, for £11.99, I would rather buy myself and three of my friends this, then pick up a major game any day of the week.