NeuroSlicers Preview: A New Take On Cyber-Warfare

A couple of weeks ago, Elisa came to me with a list of keys and asked me to pick one. I had no idea what I was getting into at first; no idea what the game would actually be like. All I was given alongside the crumpled piece of paper was a sentence; “NeuroSlicers – Pre-Alpha version” it read in elegant letters. For some reason, the title immediately struck a chord with me.

I chose one of the codes and added it to my to-do board.  As the days flew by and the chores amassed, though, other stuff came forward. Up until last weekend – I confess the indie game wasn’t even in my Steam library yet.

Then, a wild few hours of free time appeared!

The Rediscovery of Tower Defense

On its website, NeuroSlicers itroduces itself as an RTS that focuses on the big picture; with quick matches and completely AI-controlled units. You’ll be able to exert your dominance over the map and build structures, but not to tell your grunts how to act. Not that you’d need to, anyway. they all seem hell-bent on destroying the enemy as it is!

The game’s primarily a multiplayer title, although the team at Dream Harvest’s still working on the server-side part of their project. Fortunately, the latest builds also include an offline practice mode; so I had plenty of time to poke around even when I couldn’t find a living opponent.


A tightly-knit plot, which unravels after every match, will be there to keep us playing. Apparently, our character is a hacker trying to delve deeper and deeper into some dangerous secrets. Each won battle brings them one step closer to their goal and increases their popularity within the community. At least, that’s what I could learn from the presskit!

Still, it’s the actual hacking that puts a spin on things. Deprived of whatever decisional power over your military, manipulating the field of battle remains your only path to defeat your opponent. You’ll be able to do so through several units, structures, and special abilities, which you can swap and upgrade as if they were a deck of cards.

Still Cooking…

Considering how early in its own development cycle NeuroSlicers is, I didn’t feel like being pedantic with features that are not there yet. Similarly, I want to wait until the entire project is ready to make my own opinion of it. When the game launches in 2019, I’ll be more than happy to go back in for a proper review.

For now, all I’ll say is that I’m more than satisfied with what I see. The idea’s solid enough to work with and – although mostly placeholders – the first assets we’ve seen all scream quality. I enjoyed the music and felt like I wanted to know more about the world around me.

There’s still a lot to do, but this indie game’s definitely going in the right direction. Do you feel like getting involved? You can join the project’s Discord server and talk directly to the developers!

Go ahead, tell them we sent you!

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