Everyone loves a boss battle. Having your arse handed to you on a silver platter multiple times by a enemy with a heath bar quadruple the size of any other you have faced. This is usually accompanied by a very stuck up and obnoxious personality, it is such bliss! Just in case that went under the radar, that was a taste of my good old British sarcasm. Boss battles are a pain but the satisfaction from completing them is euphoric. When I booted up NEO Impossible Bosses I wasn’t sure if I was in for a blast or would rage quite in the first ten minutes.

What about the XP grind!?

I love level grinding, I will keep vanquishing the same old enemies to rise through the ranks. Then I will find a mission that I supersede the required level and go wreck it up. You can’t do that with NEO Impossible Bosses,  there is no simple enemy to kill. Instead I had to adopt a new method. I had to use…trial and error! This new and frightening method was not as bad as I had originally anticipated. NEO Impossible Bosses has some fantastic statistics options it was easy to figure out what class is doing the most damage and if your healers are pulling their weight.

The Indie Toaster, NEO Impossible Bosses, Review

Using my new found strategical ability I eventually vanquished my first enemy, though probably taking longer than most. It was very rewarding to finally figure out the right strategy and create the perfect party to take the boss down. By changing who is in the party or what tactics to use it really feels like you are earning your wins. There was no luck or chance that would bode in your favour, just talent.

NEO Impossible Bosses is designed for the gamers who like a challenge. Every boss is so different that each time you start a battle it feels like you’re going back to square one. Any tactics learnt in the last fight most likely wont apply to this one. This game requires you to adapt fast to each new boss. It can at times make you feel like you are going backwards. After learning how to dispatch one boss with ease the struggle when you start a new boss fight can be tedious. The drive to vanquish this foe like the last is what keeps you hooked.

Is NEO Impossible Bosses, impossible?

NEO Impossible Bosses offers a variety of very original bosses that are brilliant to battle. To conquer these bosses you are provided with a variety of heros from Paragons to Mages. Once you spent half an hour choosing what to name them it is time to go! The first time you face a boss it is all about testing the waters. In short this means you will die relatively quickly. From this though you learn what to expect and start to formulate your plan of attack.The Indie Toaster, NEO Impossible Bosses, Review

The difficulty varies between each boss depending on what you are best at playing. My best party consisted of priestess’ and rangers with one mage thrown in the mix. This worked well for some bosses but not for all, which meant I needed to learn to master the other classes. This game forces you to play every character and master them all. It is not something you can fly through as it requires time and dedication.

Be the master of combat

The controls of NEO Impossible Bosses are super easy to pick up, within minutes I was using tactical pauses to their full advantage. The only issue I had was not being able to master the move and attack button. Characters were very responsive and learning their attacks didn’t take long. Visually the game was smooth, bright and very colourful. The art style was very cartoonish in some areas but others had a lot of detail which created some really cool contrasts.

The bosses themselves had very distinct designs which gave NEO Impossible Bosses its uniqueness. Each boss was crafted so well and had their own individual characteristics. It would be nice if the hero characters had this too. While each class is visually beautiful if you have multiple of the same class they look the same. Different hair or shirt colour could really help differentiate between the characters.The Indie Toaster, NEO Impossible Bosses, Review

Time to kick ass!

NEO Impossible Bosses is a fun game that will devour your life. With each boss resetting all your knowledge it makes the game constantly seem new and exciting. It The Indie Toaster, NEO Impossible Bosses, Reviewhas a relatively tricky difficulty for players who are new to this type of genre. Do not let that put you off though as it is always good to learn by being thrown in the deep end.

If you like a challenge and want a game you can really invest into this is the one for you! NEO Impossible Bosses takes no prisoners and will test your abilities to the max.