Moo Lander released a very interesting prototype level yesterday. After playing the twenty minute level it left me with a lot of intrigue. Though this game is still in working progress there is plenty on offer. From multiple enemies to varying types of gameplay I had a lot to explore.

Moo Lander is out of this world

Moo Lander has a very interesting story of two ancient civilisations once interlocked in terrible battles. Known as The Great War these battles lead to the near extinction of both civilisations. The true victims in all of this though were the cows! Cow’s milk is a pure and effective energy source. A source almost lost as a result of The Great War.

With most of the poor cows slaughtered due to war a new source of milk must be discovered. Legend tells of a device that produces infinite amounts of milk. The civilisation known as the Landers seek this device to bring them back from the brink of extinction. As a last resort they sent in their bravest solider to find the device and save the world!

Unfortunately he died and now its up to you.

Time to get hoofs..I mean hands on

The Indie Toaster, Review, Moo Lander, Prototype

To be honest I was a little taken back when this PC game recommended using an Xbox controller. It did lower my expectations but I happily obliged. As the game played I grew to understand why they chose a controller as default. The use of the analogue sticks allowed a much smoother control of your ship and its functions. This is something not easily transferable to mouse and keyboard.

The controls in the game were smooth and responsive. You can sense the movement of your ship and when the environment hinders its movement you can really feel it. The targeting of the weapon took a little getting used to, but when the locking mechanism was brought in it became a breeze. The only part that felt sluggish was when carrying an item. The picking up of the item was a little bit tedious and hard to control. This did also cause the movement to become a bit clunky.

So you can walk the walk but can you fight the cow

Smooth movement and great aim mechanics are a good start but now we need something to shoot at. In Moo Lander you have many enemies to fend off, from The Indie Toaster, Review, Moo Lander, PrototypeShooting Spawner Plants to Chargers. Each enemy has its own fight style and some have the ability to learn new abilities as you progress through the game. These little enemies make your venture through the beautiful environments have a real sense of danger.

The best battles though are the cow battles that really test your abilities. Once again these enemies vary and you will never have the same fight twice. The cow battles are mini boss fights that you will really look forward to. Their unique weaponry and fantastic design make the cows themselves an extremely interesting enemy. As you try to knock down their health with little bombs you must also evade any incoming attacks. These battles are short, fun and challenging.

The Indie Toaster, Review, Moo Lander, Prototype level  Lets not get carried away, this is only the prototype

So far Moo Lander has shown a lot of potential with its controls and gameplay. This is only a small section of the game though. The games sound, art and some character design will change before the games release. Due to this it seems a waste to comment on the games looks. A shame as it is already pretty good looking.

What does seem to be a fixed feature though are the many mechanisms within the game. For example the little health and energy gage at the bottom of the screen. The use of limited energy is implemented extemely well in Moo Lander. While dashing and picking up items uses energy it is helpful that the weapons don’t. This means you are never truly helpless in a fight. Though just because you always have¬† a fighting chance, it doesn’t make Moo Lander easy. It does however make the game less stressful and more enjoyable!
The Indie Toaster, Review, Moo Lander, Prototype level
Moo Lander has a brilliant base and is set to be a fantastic game. If it creates a complimentary soundtrack and makes the small changes it plans on, this could be a winner. However if all the other levels are not as meticulously crafted as the prototype it will be disappointing. Moo Lander has set itself a standard that it will need to keep through out the game.

Is milk worth fighting for?

Moo Lander is amazing! If the rest of the game is as good as the prototype then I will be first in line when it is released. The game is a delight to control which makes The Indie Toaster, Review, Moo Lander, Prototype levelexploring the environments exciting. I enjoyed every moment of the game and was sad when it ended. Moo Lander is different, new and enjoyable.

I hope Moo Lander gets all the support it deserves in its development as it has been in developement since 2012. All worth it though as the game is amazing! If you want something new and interesting I would recommend giving it a go. The only warning would be it may leave you craving more.