Among the 59 indie games on the show floor, the Milan Games Week 2018 introduced us to numerous multiplayer titles. Between a match and a brief chat, it was nice to have the chance to test ourselves and rediscover the aggregating component of video games, forgetting for a moment the suffocating chaos of a major event.

Alessandro and I were torn apart several times by a few kids and challenged each other in fights to determine who would pay for the day’s dinner; all of this so that we could show you the Italian multiplayer games we enjoyed the most!

Hell Is Others

hell is others multiplayer indie game milano games week 2018

Hell is Others was a pleasant discovery, right from the start. Among vivid colors and a top-down perspective that draws from the OG rogue-lite style, this game impressed us with the uncommon idea of a procedurally generated online arena.

Although there is not an exact release date yet, the build we tested was graphically clean and mechanically solid. I really appreciated the in-game localization system, which allows the player to understand where their opponents are only while the other participants are making noise or whenever they step into each other’s fields of view.

Yonder, the studio behind this ambitious project developed in collaboration with Strelka Games, has plans to add several new features to the game in anticipation of a possible arrival on the market for 2019. We can’t help it but expect even more from a title that certainly has the cards to make it big!


guntastic multiplayer indie game milano games week 2018

Guntastic is a multiplayer beat ’em up that supports up to four players, with different weapons, frenetic rhythms, witty characters, and environmental obstacles. It is the ideal game to plan last-man-stand tournaments with your friends, while you spend some time together without having to worry about the difficulty of what you’re playing.

An indie game that winks at the great classics and pleases young and old, Guntastic is the debut title of Ludicrous Games. The release date is still uncertain, but we will wait anxiously for more info!

Doom & Destiny Worlds

The third title chosen by us is a local coop survival in which the protagonists – four geeks shipwrecked on a desert island – must work together to survive in an environment that is anything but hospitable. Doom & Destiny Worlds was presented by Heartbit Interactive and is currently under development.

This title is an RPG with a twist, as the local co-operative elements make it both refreshing and intriguing. The plot of this indie game is fun and appreciable while the pixel art featured in it feels both pleasing and nostalgic. Doom & Destiny Worlds is highly recommended to anybody that loves a good narrative, fancies RPG, and enjoys survival adventures; as well as to anyone who’s intrigued by this original mix.

Fly Punch Boom

We might have spent a lot more time in front of Fly Punch Boom than at any other booth within the Milan Games Week 2018. This game is an indie areal brawler with smooth animations and extremely fun characters; developed by the team at Jollypunch Games.

Fly Punch Boom seems designed for players of all ages and skills, from the most casual gamers to the most assiduous. The release date is not yet established, but the build we tested was very clean and looked almost ready. We can easily expect more news about it soon!