As summer comes to an end and the trees start turning orange, we leave September behind us and enter the spookiest time of year. But before we plan our Halloween costumes, let’s take a look at four titles The Indie Toaster received in the last month.

So sit back, relax,  and hear our first impressions on some games we only had a few hours to play!

Old School Musical

La Moutarde developed – in my opinion – the single most charming rhythm game ever. Old School Musical has character; it has an engaging story, along with some sweet, catchy tunes. There are twists; there are turns and have I mentioned character. Seriously I went into OSM completely blind. Something I should say usually is I don’t like chiptune music,  but the team has done a fantastic job in making the music catchy and fun. Every song fits its level beautifully.

I think the best praise I can give Old School Musical is that I loaded it up with the intention of playing twenty minutes before making dinner. About three hours later I remembered I was hungry. From the moment it loaded up I was impressed, the art style while basic has a charming quality; and most important for me I was playing on a laptop with a wireless controller. One of the first things you are asked to do is sync with the audio and visual by pressing a button in time with the beat. This is important because my controller was out of sync and without that step the game would have felt worse. It’s small details like this that shows La Moutarde cares about their game and also their customers.

For the price of £10.29, I wholeheartedly recommend this game to anyone who likes rhythm games. And if you have never played one I highly recommend Old School Musical to be your first.


This little gem is by ATOMIC BREATH and frankly, I don’t have a lot to say about it. This is not a bad thing; not by any stretch of the imagination. Antirocketh is a casual game if you have twenty minutes to spare you can boot it up and play a few rounds. I love games like this, its something so simple, yet very addictive. In a good way. You control a cannon; the cannon is on a track that travels horizontally. You shoot rockets with a laser beam. Boom Antirocketh in summery.  So simple, yet so addictive to try and beat your high score; that’s where the beauty lies.

For the past week, any downtime, I load up Antirocketh and try and blow up one more rocket. To pick up one more item. I have that need to better myself To beat my score. What is a casual game if you’re not frustrated with yourself after a few rounds.

I should also mention there is a minimal tech tree, that lets you increase laser power; capacity, recharge and finally adds two lasers horizontally. It’s not a lot; I wish there were more to it.

For the low price of £1.69, everyone should own Antirocketh for when they have ten minutes to spare.


Landinar: Into The Void

Convoy Games has delivered Landinar into steam’s early access this month (September 2018) with the goal to give players a new space RPG. The question is, have they achieved this?

Yes and no; playing the game for a few hours I’ve noticed a few things I like, and a few things I would like to be able to change as options, and also a few things I believe will be improved during the development.

Firstly, I love the aesthetic. One of my favorite settings for anything be it books, movies and especially games is space. It’s futuristic; there’s the fantasy aspect, where every space game can be different. In this Landinar: Into The Void does not disappoint. The first thing you notice is when you get into a scrap with pirates is the way colors pop. Each laser shoots across the screen in a flash of light. The rockets explode with a vibrant pop of yellow and orange.

Smoke Trails and billows, that with an art style that in my opinion rivals anything on the market. I feel like I’m experiencing a proper battle because everything ties together so nicely.

Plus you can even customize your ships, want to add more weapons? Go for it. Want to have a smaller more agile ship? Or a big beefy powerhouse, build it and play it your way. Because this is a proper space RPG, and the love for the genre shows.

Now, for my biggest complaint, that I hope can be fixed with an option. When you’re controlling your character I feel like the camera is too close, It makes the walking around talking to people, getting main and side missions to feel somewhat claustrophobic.

Other then that small thing, there is a few performance issues and frame drops; which I can say never detracted from my experience because I never suffered during a battle. It was always when I was near the big base, so it was never a significant issue. The only other bug I had in my four hours at the time of writing is my ship would break if I repaired it at the shipbuilder, and I just had to reset one of my autocannons.

So do I think you should check out Landinar? Yes; If you like space, if you like RPGs I believe this is on the way to becoming something extraordinary. The combat seems fun, I imagine it will get hectic when you start having bigger ships, and higher level enemies. For £14.49 I think its a game that’s going places.

BFF Or Die

Cute little Orbees need rescuing, and it’s up to you to save them. So strap in and travel to distant times to retrieve them, and in return, they will give you new interesting mechanics to play with. In essence, BFF or Die is a charming little puzzler. You and a team of friends up to four people join together to go and rescue Orbees of energy which power up your own time-tech.

BFF or Die is a fairly adorable little puzzler, with as far as I can tell one small downside.  This is indeed a personal grievance; but worth keeping in mind.

I have been spending the last week dog sitting for my sister. This has meant I’ve been in a house with just a dog for company whilst I try these games. He’s a lovely dog, a good boy as they say. But he can’t use a controller, and I genuinely think I had a worse experience for playing this game solo. That said I get it; BFF or Die feels like it was made with co-op in mind and that’s a good thing. When I next have people over I will be breaking BFF or Die out.

ASA Studio has given us a strikingly beautiful game, the puzzles are fun. The setting is terrific and most importantly it can be challenging.  If you like having friends over to play some couch co-op it will be great, you will communicate and engage, and I think it will make you better friends. It’s £14.99 for that price I would say if you have people to play it with, it’s well worth the money; If like me you game a lot on your own it’s going to depend on how much you like puzzlers.